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UFC 166 super slo mo highlights from Fox Sports' phantom cam

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Didn't get enough UFC action on Saturday? Fox Sports has the super slo mo highlights from their phantom cam so you can relive the action once again. See Sanchez, Melendez, Cormier, and Cain Velasquez get their hurt on.

Fox Sports has released their UFC 166 phantom cam highlights so you can enjoy the action one more time in super slo mo. Notable moments include Adlan Amagov's spinning back kick on T.J. Waldburger, John Dodson punching up Darrell Montague, then almost doing a flip off the fence, Jeremy Larsen's cut up face, Daniel Cormier busting up Roy Nelson, Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez battering one another and especially Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez mauling Junior dos Santos.


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