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Dana White: Everybody is telling to me sign Holly Holm

UFC president Dana White says that "everyone" is telling him to sign Holly Holm whom he calls "the female Conor McGregor."

Will Fox/Full Court Press

Holly Holm, the woman many consider the best female boxer America has ever produced, is suddenly the hottest prospect in women's MMA. The 32-year-old Holm, who retired from boxing in 2011 after compiling a 32-2-3 is now 5-0 in MMA and trains with Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn in her native Albuquerque, N.M.

She notched her most recent win at Legacy FC 24 on October 11 with a KO of Nikki Knudsen.

Now she's come to Dana White's attention. Here's what the UFC boss said about her during his UFC 166 post-fight media scrum:

"You're like the billionth person that's asked me about Holly Holm. I was on the street the other day and some guy was like, 'HEY! Sign Holly Holm.' And I'm like, 'yeah, I know. Everybody's telling me.' I haven't seen her fight but I keep hearing about her. She's like the female Conor McGregor. I thought Conor McGregor was a heavyweight when I was hearing about him. For some reason, that's what I did. Holly Holm, I don't know what she looks like, I've never seen her fight, but I know who she is."

Here's some of Holm's work inside the cage via Zombie Prophet:

KO'ing Knudsen


Headkicking Allanna Jones at Legacy FC 21


What do you think? Is there a place on the overcrowded UFC roster for Holly Holm?