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UFC 166 results: Is Jon Jones in Cain Velasquez's future?

The UFC HW champ has all but cleared out his division. Is Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones the only fighter who can present a "serious challenge" to Cain?


Now that Cain Velasquez thoroughly expunged the memory of his sole MMA loss by crushing Junior dos Santos again at UFC 166, pundits are starting to wonder if he hasn't cleaned out the division. Which is kind of funny considering that since 2011, despite fighting five times, he's only faced two opponents: dos Santos and Antonio Silva.

Be that as it may, with the man ranked #3 in the Bloody Elbow meta-rankings, Daniel Cormier, heading down to Light Heavyweight there's not a lot left for Cain fans to get excited about. Sure #4 Fabricio Werdum must be treated as a serious threat to Cain's reign, but few really feel the BJJ specialist can submit Velasquez.

After Werdum and the twice-beaten Bigfoot, we've got aging PED enthusiast Josh Barnett at #6 and overachieving brawler Travis Browne at #7. Formidable as those men may be, neither is seen to present much of a threat to Cain.

With the UFC's cupboards being this bare at HW, pundits are naturally beginning to speculate about the possibilities should Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones finally move up to HW. Here's Kevin Iole:

It's not out of the question to suggest that Velasquez will reel off several wins in a row without being seriously challenged until light heavyweight champion Jon Jones makes the move up to heavyweight.

Jones has the combination of wrestling and size and striking that could pose Velasquez problems. That, though, could be at least a year off, and some of the shine was removed from Jones when he was pushed so hard by Alexander Gustafsson last month at UFC 165.

Werdum, Barnett and Browne (with an outside chance of Alistair Overeem putting together a title run) ought to keep Cain busy while he waits for Jones to grow up and try to take his title and if he can turn back that challenge it will be hard to deny he's the best of all time.

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