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UFC 166 results: Dana White not pleased with last night's officiating

UFC 166 delivered wall-to-wall excitement on an unforgettable night in Houston, but did have its fair share of questionable officiating.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

It would be safe to say that the fans got their money's worth and then some at UFC 166 in Houston yesterday evening. Action was delivered straight from the opening preliminary fight all the way through Cain Velasquez's TKO win over Junior dos Santos in the main event. Out of 13 fights, only 4 went to a decision, with 8 KO/TKOs and Tony Ferguson's submission over Mike Rio. It was a sublime and extraordinary night of fights, but that does not mean the judges and referees get a pass.

In addition to the incomprehensible Tim Boetsch/C.B. Dollaway decision, there were quite a few refereeing decisions (or lack there of) that caught the attention of UFC president Dana White. He voiced his displeasure post-event last night: (via MMA Fighting)

Overseeing his first UFC event, referee Jay Stafin severely botched two stoppages out of his three contests, allowing T.J. Waldburger and Shawn Jordan to suffer extensive damage well after both men were already knocked out cold.

"He was terrible. The guy was terrible. Always in the wrong position," UFC President Dana White told reporters afterward.

"That knucklehead referee. I started screaming at this f--king guy. [Jordan] was getting blasted. I counted six [extra punches].

"Six extra punches he took in the face, Jordan did," White continued. "I mean if you look at the physical stature of that referee, he shouldn't be in there with two big heavyweights anyway. That guy weighed about f--king 97 pounds. It's like when they throw what's-her-face in Nevada, she's in there with two huge guys. It's like, are you serious right now?"

Waldburger was left motionless on the canvas and was stretchered out of the arena (with a neck brace for precautionary reasons) to a local hospital. He was later cleared and discharged. Jordan did not suffer the same fate but he did take six extra shots to the face following the initial knockdown.

I would personally add that Herb Dean didn't have the greatest of nights either. He allowed Dustin Pague to absorb far too many shots against Kyoji Horiguchi, and hesitated to stop Cain Velasquez/Junior dos Santos in the 3rd round after JDS was floored and out on his feet. Dean appeared to touch Velasquez as if to indicate the fight was over, but pulled back and allowed it to continue.

What did you think about last night's officiating? Was there anything egregious that you noticed?

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