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UFC 166: John Dodson vs. Darrell Montague full fight video highlights

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Check out video highlights of the UFC 166 flyweight battle between John Dodson and Darrell Montague.

The UFC 166 main card was opened by a flyweight scrap between former title challenger John Dodson and the debuting Darrell Montague. It didn't take long for Dodson to show off his sick power, dropping Montague more than once and generally battering him around the cage. He finally picked up a knockout victory late in the first round. Check out the video highlights above, or read my play by play of the fight below.

Round 1 - Montague scored first with a kick. Dodson was looking for the home run shot right away. They traded leg kicks. Dodson scored with a sneaky right to the ear. AFter a slower pace for a while, Dodson clubbed Montague with a left that sent him to the canvas. Montague desperately held on while Dodson battered him, but he stayed in the fight. He looked half out of it and ate four more lefts on the feet, but recovered quickly after that. Montague put together a nice combo on an advancing Dodson then blasted him with another left that sent the Mongoose to the mat face-first. Man that guy hits hard.

John Dodson defeated Darrell Montague by knockout (punch), 4:13, round 1