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Dana White: Vitor Belfort is in a "weird situation" of his own creation

UFC president claims Vitor Belfort has been difficult, and that has put Belfort in a difficult situation.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

"Weird" is one way to describe the situation that the UFC finds itself in with Vitor Belfort. It's not the description that many mixed martial arts fans would use, but it is how UFC president Dana White recently described the situation.

Speaking to the media in Brazil, White said of Belfort:

Vitor Belfort is in a weird situation in the UFC because Vitor Belfort puts himself in weird situations in the UFC. Every time a fight ends he's blowing my phone up wanting to fight that guy that just lost the fight or won that fight.

We had fights that we wanted to make for Vitor, and then Vitor has his own ideas of what Vitor wants to do. Vitor has been difficult, so it puts Vitor in a difficult position.

We wanted to do him and Tim Kennedy. He didn't want that fight. He didn't feel that Tim Kennedy deserved to fight him, whatever his reasoning was. Vitor is difficult. We have to see what happens with this fight with Vitor, and then we'll figure out where Vitor is. Vitor might win this fight and then want to fight Cain Velasquez, for Christ's sake. Who knows what Vitor wants to do?

Belfort turned down the Kennedy fight in late July. The reasoning behind that refusal was offered by Belfort's wife and manager, Joana Prado, who said that Belfort would only fight in the middleweight weight division if it was for the title.

Instead of facing the unranked Kennedy, Belfort, the No. 2 ranked fighter in the UFC's middleweight division, will face Dan Henderson in a light heavyweight contest at UFC Fight Night 32. That fight will take place at Goiânia Arena in Goiânia, Brazil on November 9.

One thing that remains unclear, and is something that I would also call weird, is why the UFC would allow Belfort to dictate whom he fights and in what weight division, but I guess that's a question for another day.

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