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UFC 166 results: Daniel Cormier outclasses Roy Nelson to win unanimous decision

Over the 15 minute bout, Cormier beat Nelson in every aspect of the fight game.

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

In the co-main event for UFC 166, Heavyweight Daniel Cormier met Roy Nelson. There was a faux-rivalry heading into the bout, but inside the cage it was all Cormier. He worked Nelson early in the clinch, then won the rest of the fight mainly by outstriking the famed KO puncher.

It didn't take long for Cormier to get the fight right where he wanted it. He took Nelson down right off the bat and kept the pressure on. He couldn't keep roy on his back, but worked him in the clinch, making Nelson carry his weight while mixing in punches to the body and head. An accidental low blow from Cormier gave Roy a brief respite. For the last couple minutes, they keep it on the feet, but it's Cormier who landed the better shots before the bell.

Again they stayed on the feet to start the second round, but Cormier used dramatic level changes to keep Nelson on his back foot. Cormier rushed in with a combo and clinched up. He hit Big Country with a knee to the body and a combination before going for an unsuccessful single leg. Nelson landed one coming out of the clinch, but Cormier put his back against the fence again. They separate but Roy could not find his rhythm on the feet.

cormier showed his comfort level in the third round as he unleashed a spinning back kick and a front kick while winning the striking exchanges. Cormier was content to score points throughout the round, he landed at will, but showed no urgency and looking for a finish. He came in with a 1-2 combination leading into a trip takedownthen stood right back up. Roy started showboating with his hands down and chin forward, but showed his frustration as he leaped in for a desparate overhand right. In the final seconds, Roy marched Cormier down, but didn't have a chance to land before the bell sounded.

Daniel Cormier earned the unanimous decision (30-27 x 3) victory over Roy Nelson

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