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UFC 166 results: John Dodson knocks Darrell Montague out cold in round 1

The Flyweights picked up some boos from the Texas crowd after a slow start, but Dodson won the crowd back with a series of power punches and a KO victory.

Esther Lin MMA Fighting

Coming off a losing effort as a challenger to the Flyweight title, John Dodson (14-6, 3-1 UFC) welcomed Darrell Montague (13-2) to the Octagon at UFC 166 as the opening fight of the PPV. The crowd didn't like the fight for the first couple minutes, but once Dodson started landing he won them all back.

It took a couple minutes for this fight to warm up, but when it did, it caught fire. Montague smartly tried to stay out of the range of Dodson's overhand punches, but was caught by a big one about halfway through the line. Montague dropped to the mat and Dodson rushed in. He went for the finish and rocked Montague a couple more times, but didn't get the stop. Montague looked like he'd recovered, but ate another big punch and faceplanted. The referee stepping in was just a formality at that point.

John Dodson knocked out Darrell Montague at 4:13 of round 1.