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Bellator 104: Hawn vs. Weedman - live streaming video, results and discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live streaming video, results and play by play for Bellator 104: Hawn vs. Weedman. The event features the semifinal round of the Welterweight Tournament with a rematch between Rick Hawn and Brent Weedman at the helm and Ron Keslar vs. War Machine in the co-main event.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live streaming video, results and play by play for Bellator 104: Hawn vs. Weedman. The event features the semifinal round of the Welterweight Tournament with a rematch between Rick Hawn and Brent Weedman at the helm and Ron Keslar vs. War Machine in the co-main event.

Exciting debuts include K-1 kickboxing standout Peter Graham, who faces Eric Prindle in a heavyweight bout, and ultra-scrappy Hawaiian Kendall Grove taking on Joe Vedepo in a middleweight clash, while legit debutantes like Paul Sass and Rob Emerson punctuate the undercard. The full lineup including start times follows below. Play by play will commence with the Spike TV card.

We're live on Spike TV. Fight results descend below.

Bellator 104: Hawn vs. Weedman (Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET)

Rick Hawn vs. Brent Weedman (WW Tournament semifinals)

R1: They both throw right hands and duck under to clinch; Weedman gets a body lock and pushes Hawn on the fence but Hawn swims under and tosses Weedman with an underhook. Hawn lets Weedman up, oddly. Hawn counters Weedman's kick with a cracking right hand and ends up on top in Weedman's closed guard. Hawn postures up and jackhammers two lefts. Weedman overhooking Hawn's right arm, then moving to rubber guard but Hawn breaks free and allows Weedman back up again.

Hawn spears a right downstairs and pivots left with a nice hook. Hand speed is a noticeable edge for Hawn here. Weedman throws two front kicks from outside but lumbers into Hawn's wheelhouse to the tune of a pair of quick and nasty 3-punch combinations. Chopping outside low kick from Hawn; it's answered by Weedman. Weedman is starting to key in on the way Hawn dips his head in the pocket with lead uppercuts. Weedman presses the action but Hawn plants his feet when he runs out of real estate and unreels another crisp flurry. 10-9 Hawn.

R2: More fast handiwork from Hawn: he leads with alternating hooks and a cross/hook combo. Weedman is finally able to shrink the gap and tries to get on a single leg but Hawn's balance is frightening and he shakes him off. Hawn counters Weedman's outside kick with a left hook. Weedman, still waltzing into Hawn's wheelhouse, pings a nice straight right through.

Weedman finding his rhythm a little with right hands. He's busy with straight kicks from the fringe but they're not largely effective. Hawn uncorks another blistering combination. Stiff right hand from Hawn. Weedman lands a solid front kick to the breadbasket. More heaters from Hawn. Weedman nearly lands a jump knee and scores with another push kick. 10-9 Hawn.

R3: Chopping left hook from Hawn. Weedman throws a spinning back fist that misses but allows him to close distance and clinch up. Weedman forces a guillotine that isn't there and Hawn hits a trip with double underhooks. Weedman goes rubber guard but Hawn breaks it with the can opener. Short elbow from Hawn. Weedman throws a nice straight right off his back and goes for a triangle but Hawn slings his legs off and stands back up.

Weedman sticking with the front kicks from outside. Hawn jams a left hook in his mouth. Weedman snaps a long left and pursues a few knees with the single collar tie but Hawn scurries out of range. Inside low kick from Weedman. Hawn's volume is still there but he isn't landing as much. Weedman scores with three long jabs, resets and lands another. That would've been a valuable tool earlier. Weedman presses forward with a spinning kick and a roundhouse kick that Hawn evades. 10-9 Weedman -- I have it 29-28 Hawn overall.

  • Rick Hawn defeats Brent Weedman by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Ron Keslar vs. War Machine (WW Tournament semifinals)

R1: Keslar nearly catches War Machine's opening kick. War Machine wades forward with hooks and Keslar counters with a nice outside trip. He latches onto War Machine's back in the seated position and then locks the body triangle on with his back on the fence. War Machine starts to cage walk but Keslar's body triangle prevents it. War Machine actually plugs Keslar hard in the face with a no-look back punch. And gets another a moment later.

Keslar grinds away with a series of short left hands that worsen a small cut on War Machine's forehead. War Machine stands with Keslar on his back and Keslar digs his forearm under the chin and wrenches the choke, putting War Machine out.

  • Ron Keslar defeats War Machine by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1

Kendall Grove vs. Joe Vedepo (Middleweight feature fight)

R1: They exchange heavy 3-punch combos and Grove gets the better of the closing left hook. Vedepo eats a knee but shoots a double leg anyway, and ends up fighting for it against the fence while Grove knifes down elbows to his upper back. Grove finally gathers himself and gets the Thai plum and Vedepo bails for the lanky knees start coming. Grove again pivots and lands a stiff counter left hook.

Grove clips Vedepo with a streaking right hand and he drops, but surprisingly explodes for a double leg and gets it as Grove is charging in. Grove cinches on strong wrist control and almost immediately snakes his leg over the shoulder for a tight triangle attempt, then transitions nicely into an armbar. Vedepo shows excellent resilience again and twists out as Grove goes belly down with the armbar, ending up in the mount. Vedepo explodes out again and Grove entangles him in another triangle. Vedepo breaks free again as the bell sounds. 10-8 Grove for dominant offense and a lack of anything effective from Vedepo.

R2: Vedepo again eats a few strikes during his entry but secures the double leg. This time he cradles Grove's head to prevent wrist control, fights his way out of a loose triangle attempt and takes Grove's back. Momentarily. Grove spins out and faces up on Vedepo with a straight right that stuns him, then pounces and ends up on top. Grove stands and patiently controls Vedepo's ankles and passes to full mount with a near mounted triangle.

Vedepo stays slippery and retains his guard, then tries to stand back up as Grove falls back with a Gable-grip guillotine. Vedepo continues his display of amazing defense and slips out. Grove creates space and boots Vedepo off him, then hits a switch on Vedepo's single-leg attempt and closes the frame throwing short elbows to the temple. 10-9 Grove.

R3: Grove throws a double jab and left hook, then sprawls on Vedepo's takedown attempt, then keeps his balance on Vedepo's follow-up high crotch attempt. Grove bombs a knee to the body and then catches Vedepo with a high kick on the break. They clinch up and Grove assaults him with more knees. Vedepo changes levels and gets the takedown, fighting off an armbar attempt from Grove, who escapes the chance for Vedepo to take back mount.

Now it's Grove attacking the waist; he dumps Vedepo with a double leg and throws punches from the top. Vedepo's heart is huge and he bucks Grove off and lands another takedown shortly after. Vedepo throws a few punches but loses his posture and gets caught in an armbar. Grove transitions to a triangle but doesn't have any more time. 10-9 Grove for a 30-26 overall.

  • Kendall Grove defeats Joe Vedepo by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

Peter Graham vs. Eric Prindle (Heavyweight feature fight)

R1: Prindle barrels forward with a heavy combo that partially connects and backs Graham up. "The Chief" sets himself and bumps Prindle's lead leg with low kicks. Prindle loses his balance on a spinning back fist and absorbs another sporadic medley of sharp low kicks. Prindle clinches up but Graham slips out from underneath when he goes high for the double collar tie. Graham flashes his hands and digs in another kick, the accumulation of which is wearing on Prindle.

Prindle clinches up again but Graham, showing good cage savvy, circles off the fence and pings a low kick. Graham switches to throwing with his lead leg and goes inside with the kick, then back outside with his rear leg. Another outside low kick. It's a virtual buffet of Graham leg kicks, who seems to be setting up his hands with them. Graham pounces on an off-balance Prindle and uncorks a right hand that drops him, and the kickboxer gets a nice perch in half guard and showers down violence in the form of right hands and chipping left elbows as Prindle just covers. Prindle's forehead is split and starts to bleed, but the big fella makes enough room with his hips to stand back up in the waning moments. 10-8 Graham.

R2: Graham, oozing confidence, loosens another series of outside low kicks and then clinches up with Prindle, slashing some nice horizontal elbows. Prindle is showing excellent heart and durability, as he's seemingly been wobbled for the bulk of the round. Graham is noticeably slowed in pace after his barrage with Prindle on the fence, and might be losing some juice here. Leg kick for Graham, then a nice over-the-top elbow, though he's clearly gassed now.

Prindle barges forward with a nice combo, the last of which lands downstairs. Graham goes back to low kicks but they're lacking the snap they had earlier. Prindle whiffs with a spinning back fist again. 10-9 Graham.

R3: Prindle turns the tables and starts out with a pair of low kicks, then swings out a left high kick. 1-2-3 for Prindle, who's fighting with more of a sense of urgency. Graham attempts two kicks and can barely put anything on 'em. Prindle clinches up and tries to establish control but Graham slips out. Graham throws a few more sluggish kicks and then plants his feet and scorches a right over Prindle's guard. Graham jabs upstairs, then down, then hammers Prindle with another right hand.

Prindle throws a jab and a 1-2 but he doesn't have much mustard on his punches either. They clinch and Graham snaps two short rights through. Graham comes high with a left roundhouse kick and then throws a partially telegraphed spinning crescent kick that just misses. Graham thrashes Prindles chin with a teep that sends him sailing to the canvas at the bell. 10-9 Graham, for a 30-26 on my card.

  • Peter Graham defeats Eric Prindle by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 30-26)

Preliminary Card

Paul Bradley defeats Karl Amoussou by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Rob Emerson defeats Jared Downing by submission (heel hook), Round 1

Paul Sass defeats Rod Montoya by submission (toe hold), Round 1

Brandon Girtz defeats Mike Estus by submission (armbar), Round 1

Cliff Wright defeats Derek Loffer by submission (armbar), Round 2

Andre Tieva defeats Chris Lane by TKO (punches), Round 1

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