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ONE FC 11 Weigh-In Results: Aoki makes featherweight limit, Fernandes and Kim make weight for title fight

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Shinya Aoki has successfully made the featherweight limit coming in at 144 lbs, and both Bibiano Fernandes and Soo Chul Kim came in within the 135 lbs for their title fight. Check out the full ONE FC 11 results here.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Weigh-ins for ONE Fighting Championship's 11th event happened today in Singapore. Among the more interesting results comes from the current lightweight champion, Shinya Aoki, who will be making his featherweight debut and has tipped the scales well below the limit at 144 lbs.

We won't find out until tomorrow if his performance will be affected by the cut, but visually, Aoki also didn't look that much skinnier or drained from his last bout where he came in 11 lbs heavier. His opponent, Cody Stevens came in right at the 145 lb limit for featherweight.

Headliners Soo Chul Kim and Bibiano Fernandes both made weight, tipping the scales at 135 and 134 lbs respectively and making their bantamweight title unification bout official.

Although officials have mentioned that everyone on the card has made their contracted weights, prelim fighters Alex Lim and Juan Wen Jie came in at 159 and 158 lbs which are both unusually heavy for a bout billed as a lightweight contest. Check out the full weigh-in results below:

ONE FC 11: Total Domination Weigh-in Results

Bibiano Fernandes (60.9 kg/134 lbs) vs. Soo Chul Kim ( 61.1 kg/ 135 lbs)
Cody Stevens (65.8 kg/ 145 lbs) vs. Shinya Aoki (65.5 kg/144 lbs)
Peter Davis (70.1 kg/155 lbs) vs. Eddie Ng (70 kg/154 lbs)
Rafael Silva (83.75 kg/ 185 lbs) vs. Tatsuya Mizuno (83.4 kg/184 lbs)
Sylvain Potard (93 kg/205 lbs) vs. Jake Butler (92.95 kg/205 lbs)
Shannon Wiratchai (65.7 kg/ 145 lbs) vs. Mitch Chilson (65.7 kg/145 lbs)
Khim Dima (56.7 kg/125 lbs) vs. Rene Catalan (56.7 kg/125 lbs)
Ann Osman ( 52 kg/115 lbs) vs. Sherilyn Lim ( 52 kg/ 115 lbs)
Alex Lim (71.9 kg/159 lbs) vs. Juan Wen Jie(71.75 kg/158 lbs)
Marc Marcellinus ( 59.35 kg/ 131 lbs) vs. Stephen Langdown ( 60.9 kg/ 134 lbs)

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