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King Mo Lawal on Emanuel Newton: 'F*** him'

Bellator 106 will see the rematch between King Mo and Emanuel Newton. And as usual, Mo doesn't have a lot of nice things to say about the man that knocked him out in their first bout.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

King Mo Lawal has always been as one of the most opinionated fighters in MMA, and his time in Bellator has been no different. After suffering a shock defeat at the hands of Emanuel Newton, Mo has continually bagged on the man that knocked him out with a spinning backfist. He continued that trend as a guest on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani ahead of their rematch on November 2nd on PPV:

"F-- him," said Lawal. "F--- him and f--- everybody else that rides with him. I'm going to f--- him up."

"That spinning backfist was a joke, you know what I'm saying?" Lawal said. "It's not happening. He's running his mouth like I was being disrespectful toward him, which I never have been. He trains with Antonio McKee. Antonio's my boy. But the fact he went out there and said I was disrespectful toward him, I never said a bad thing about that dude during the fight. He's going to hear a lot during the fight. You're going to hear me talk shi*t to him, put it like that. Hell yeah, man. F--- him. Straight up."

It continued on, with Mo backtracking from his original comment about the spinning backfist Newton threw being "feminine":

"He didn't throw it Invicta-like," Lawal said. "If he threw it Invicta FC-like he would have ended my career. That's why I say he threw it feminine, threw it like [in a mocking voice] ‘ahh, get away from me.' Like ‘oh my God,' not feminine, but scared. He threw it like Scooby Doo and Shaggy. If I said feminine, that's my bad. I meant scary, cowardly-like. If he threw it Invicta FC-like, I would have been snoring for hours. Them girls in Invicta, they throw hard. He didn't throw it Invicta-like, he threw it scary. It landed and he got lucky."


"Usually I'm motivated about money," Lawal said. "This time I'm motivated about money and revenge. The fact of the matter is, he's trying to talk all this bull knowing most of this never happened. He's trying to stir stuff up trying to get a certain fan base to like him. The head bangers, the moshpitters, he's trying to get them to like him more."

We'll see if Mo can even the odds at Bellator 106 in Long Beach in November.