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Michael Bisping says he'd take a fight with Nick Diaz at middleweight

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Michael Bisping answered Nick Diaz's claims that he'd come out of "retirement" for "big" fights by offering to welcome him to the middleweight division.

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Former Strikeforce champ and UFC title challenger Nick Diaz is retired. Or maybe he's not. You never quite know with a Diaz if what they're saying is based on long term thinking or just what they're feeling at that moment being declared as what will comprise the rest of their lives.

It's part of their charm, one supposes.

Diaz did talk to Fighters Only recentlyand made it clear that he'd probably be willing to take fights if they were "big" fights:

"Its kind of hard to retire from MMA, there’s always something to do. I am always going to be around it, like my brother is in training camp right now because he has a fight coming up so I am training with him," he told us.

"I don’t mind taking fights if its a big fight that people are going to make a big deal out of. If not then its not really worth it to me.

Diaz's statement was in line with what Gilbert Melendez said during a recent meeting with reporters, "I think with the right opportunity, for the right thing, he'll come out. Whether it's boxing, whether it's kickboxing, whether it's whatever, some sort of challenge would be great."

A big name in the middleweight division was quick to say that he'd be up for the fight:

Diaz vs. Bisping has all the marks of what the UFC would love in a fight. It's easy to promote, would have ridiculous amounts of soundbites to fill ads and TV specials and would almost certainly be an exciting fight. The winner would also have a very credible win in the division and could conceivably start to be set up for a title shot.

The ball would appear to be in Diaz's court now.