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Jake Shields interested in fighting winner of Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown

Following a narrow victory over Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 29, welterweight Jake Shields is looking at options for his next fight.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Before Jake Shields entered the UFC in 2010, he'd never been involved in a split decision fight. He's been in 3 of them in the UFC and has won all of them, including Wednesday night's win over the favored Demian Maia in Brazil. Shields is now an established top 10 welterweight once again, and in an interview with MMA Fighting, he put in his list of opponents he'd like to see next:

"I fought a top contender now," Shields told after the fight. "Demian Maia was looking at a title shot. I would love GSP first off, but maybe Carlos Condit, who I already beat, or Robbie Lawler. I'm ready to fight whoever."

Shields already defeated Condit back in 2006. With the former WEC champion scheduled to compete against Matt Brown at UFC on FOX 9, Shields eyes the winner of that bout as a potential opponent for his return.

"I would be down for that one," he said.

Shields (29-6-1, 1 NC) also submitted Robbie Lawler in 2009, which also marks the last time he's finished any opponent.

There's definitely intrigue for me in watching Shields against Condit specifically, as Condit has clearly improved his game since their 2006 encounter in Hawaii to the point where he's a top 3 welterweight. Whatever you think of Shields' style, a win over a previously top 5 fighter should merit him another bout against a top 10 guy.

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