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Rousimar Palhares has been banned from the UFC

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Following his first round heel hook victory over Mike Pierce at UFC Fight Night 29, Rousimar Palhares has reportedly been banned from the UFC.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Three strikes and you're out. Following a previous athletic commission sanction for holding on to a submission and, more recently, a failed drug test, Rousimar Palhares has reportedly been released and blacklisted by the UFC. ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap sent out a tweet saying that Dana White relayed the banning to him personally. The official UFC twitter account re-tweeted the message.

It's not particularly surprising considering that the UFC took similar action against Paul Daley and Renato Sobral following post fight continuations of action. And as stated previously this is Palhares' third brush with MMA regulations and sanctioning. What do you think? Was the Pierce submission a deserving final straw? Or is the UFC just dissuading other fighters from aggressively hunting for submission finishes?


MMA Fighting reports that Palhares has been released by the UFC, but no long term decisions have been made about whether the UFC would consider resigning him or not. Dana White has issued the following statement since the ESPN report:

"This is the second incident we've had with Palhares where he had the lock and he didn't let it go. Finally he let it go, but I'm going to cut him," White said. "He's done."

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