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UFC fighter rankings: Yushin Okami removed from middleweight rankings following release from promotion

Days after the UFC cut top 10 middleweight Yushin Okami, the Japanese fighter has been removed completely from their rankings system.


Normally when the UFC rankings are updated, they're done 36 hours after the most recent UFC event. Yushin Okami was released last weekend, making him the 2nd top 10 fighter this year -- Jon Fitch was the other -- the UFC has canned. Even though the UFC doesn't have another card until October 9th, they've wasted no time cleaning Okami off of the top 10 of middleweight.

Previously, Okami was ranked 6th, behind Mark Munoz but ahead of (in order from 7-10) Luke Rockhold, Francis Carmont, Constantinos Philippou, and Chael Sonnen. Okami's disappearance means Rockhold is bumped to 6th, Carmont to 7th, Philippou to 8th, and Sonnen to 9th with the 10th position left blank for the time being. Presumably after UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields there will be a new and complete top 10.

You can view the full rankings here, and you can also view the individual entries from Bloody Elbow writers T.P. Grant, Steph Daniels, Tim Burke, and Fraser Coffeen.

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