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Rampage Jackson makes joke about dragons, nuts and faces to female interviewer

Just days after a peitiion was published pursuing Rampage's removal from UFC On Fox 6, Jackson again pushes the limit of acceptable behavior in an interview.

Jon Kopaloff

Following his UFC 144 loss, Quinton Jackson, the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, has been incredibly vocal about his dissatisfaction with the UFC and his competition. Going into his latest fight at UFC On Fox 6, he made it well known that it'd be his final fight with the promotion.

His difficult relationship with the UFC has not been the only controversy Rampage has dealt with recently. Over the last year, he has caught criticism for his inappropriate "motorboating" of a female reporter, as well as an offensive rape parody video he released this past summer in an effort at comedy.

After his loss to Glover Teixeira last weekend, Rampage spoke to Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat. They joked about Rampage's earlier motorboating impropriety, but Jackson followed a description of some of the more uncomfortable BJJ positions with this quip:

Some people just shouldn't have nuts on they face. I raise my hand, I'm one of those people. (Bryant raises her hand as well)

To Bryant: "Come on, now..You like dragons? ("I don't know where this is going...yeah, sure") 'Cause Ill be dragging my balls on your face" Karyn laughed along with the joke, but followed with "You'll be feeling my jab."

Considering that Jackson was just singled out by the Culinary Union for his actions, most would expect him to be conscientious of himself and the image fans and promotions have of him during interviewers in this free agency period. Instead, Jackson says that the CU would have saved him from an unwanted trip to Chicago had they succeeded in keeping him off the Fox 6 card with their singling out and spotlighting of his words and actions.

In the wake of UFC On Fox 6 and Rampage's third consecutive loss, there's no direct implication of where he'll fight next. While UFC president Dana white hs confirmed that the UFC holds matching rights, he hasn't said anything to indicate that his company will pursue them.