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2008 Gold medal Olympian Henry Cejudo coming to MMA

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Henry Cejudo a 125 pounder who won the men's freestyle wrestling gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics has announced he's becoming a mixed martial artist.

Mike Stobe

Henry Cejudo, the 2008 Gold medal winner in Men's Freestyle wrestling at 55kg, has announced he is coming to mixed martial arts. From his twitter:

This is a long-awaited event. The 25-year-old Cejudo is not only one of the world's best wrestlers at his weight class, he's also a bit of an amateur boxer. Here's video of Cejudo boxing at the Arizona State Fair:

Cejduo spoke to Luke Thomas a couple years back about the possibility of his coming to MMA and here's what he had to say:

Luke: First let's dial back to MMA a little bit. Are you the guy who buys the pay-per-views every time they come how? How much of a fan are you? There's no right or wrong answer, I'm just curious.

Henry: I'm the guy who's good friends with the guy who buys the pay-per-view events. I keep up with it pretty regularly. I'm a huge fan.

Who knows? In the future, you guys may be seeing Henry Cejudo 'The American Dream' in the cage.

Luke: Is that right? When can we expect a potential debut of you in mixed martial arts? After the 2012 games?

Henry: After the 2012 games. Obviously I want to finish school. I'm currently or going to be a junior in college. I would definitely love to finish school. I would like to be done with it in a month and a half. That's my ultimate goal and then start [fighting MMA].

I actually started boxing for a while. I actually won the Copper Gloves in Arizona. I started competing on boxing, so I have my hands. I'm an O.K. wrestler, so why not?

Cejudo lost at the 2012 Olympic trials and has been expected to announce his MMA career ever since.

Obviously he'll need to win a couple fights at the regional level before he can move to the UFC, but Demetrious Johnson might not want to get too comfortable as the UFC Flyweight champion.