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UFC 155 preliminaries earn strong ratings on FX

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The FX TV showing of the UFC 155 preliminary fights drew 1.4 million viewers, a strong showing.


Dave Meltzer is reporting that 1.4 million viewers tuned to FX to watch the UFC 155 preliminary card on Saturday, December 29. The FX card featured four fights: Brad Pickett vs. Eddie Wineland, Erik Perez vs. Byron Bloodworth, Jamie Varner vs. Melvin Guillard and Myles Jury vs. Michael J0hnson.

Meltzer comments at MMA Fighting:

That number would appear to be a good sign for the more important number which are pay-per-view buys. Those figures are not yet available, but the three shows that beat the number this year were prelims for UFC 148 (Silva vs. Sonnen, which did 925,000 buys), UFC 145 (Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans, which did 700,000 buys and was UFC's second most successful event of the year) and UFC 144 (Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson I), which was the show from Saitama, Japan that finished back in the normal pack.

MMA Junkie has compiled all the UFC on FX ratings:

UFC 148 ratings: 1.8 million viewers
UFC 145 ratings: 1.6 million
UFC 144 ratings: 1.5 million
UFC 155 ratings: 1.4 million
UFC 143 ratings: 1.4 million
UFC 146 ratings: 1.3 million
UFC 153 ratings: 1.0 million
UFC 149 ratings: 1.0 million
UFC 154 ratings: 980,000
UFC 150 ratings: 974,000
UFC 147 ratings: 969,000
UFC 152 ratings: 955,000
UFC 142 ratings: 880,000

And MMA Junkie has also compiled the all-time ratings for UFC on FX specials:

UFC on FX 2 ratings: 1.4 million viewers
UFC on FX 4 ratings: 1.3 million
UFC on FX 1 ratings: 1.3 million
UFC on FX 3 ratings: 1.1 million
UFC on FX 5 ratings: 1.1 million
UFC on FX 6 ratings: 972,000
The all-time UFC on FX preliminary-card ratings include:
UFC on FX 4 ratings: 160,000 viewers
UFC on FX 2 ratings: 113,000
UFC on FX 1 ratings: 148,000
UFC on FX 6 ratings: 96,000
UFC on FX 3 ratings: 84,000
UFC on FX 5 ratings: 44,000

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