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Dana White says he hopes Rampage Jackson finds people who make him happy, UFC still has matching rights

Dana White says that the UFC can still match offers made to Rampage Jackson now that his contract is up, but did stress that he thinks it would be "awesome" if Rampage can find the type of promoter he claims to want.

With Quinton Jackson's loss to Glover Teixeira at UFC on Fox this past weekend, "Rampage" appears on his way out of the UFC. The split was anything but amicable, with Rampage repeatedly blasting the UFC on Twitter and other media interviews. Rampage's largest issue seemed to be that he felt that the UFC makes a lot of money off fighters, but Jackson felt that the fighters didn't make enough money off of the UFC.

It's something that Dana spoke to Ariel Helwani about following the conclusion of this past weekend's show:

Rampage has said he doesn't want to be in business with us. That is what he has said long before this fight.


I said before the fight, and I'll say it again after the fight, he needs to work with people who can make him happpy. Let me tell you what, I feel like we have done everything in our power um...for Rampage to make him happy, to pay him, to go above and beyond. You know? We've done things for him that weren't done. When I talked about the number the other day, I never talked about the cars. And all the other things that have happened here I just don't know. If there's somebody out there who can treat him better than we have, that's awesome.

Ariel followed that up by asking if Dana has the right to match Rampage's contract and Dana answered with a very simple "I do have the right to match."