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UFC On Fox 6 results: Demetrious Johnson retains title with unanimous decision over John Dodson

The Flyweights went for 25 minutes in a back and forth contest. After the final bell, Johnson proved to be too much for Dodson and held on to his belt.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Back at UFC 152, Demetrious Johnson was crowned the first ever UFC Flyweight champion with a decision win over Joe Benavidez. For his first title defense he was matched with John Dodson tonight at UFC On Fox 6. Dodson earned his right to challenge Might Mouse for the belt at UFC On FX 5 with a decision over Jussier da Silva.

Early on this fight went exactly as expected. Demetrious Johnson was clearly much faster. He used his speed and wrestling to try and frustrate Dodson. But that didn't make John ineffective. In the first round, Dodson put DJ down once with a big counter off a caught kick. Then twice in the second Dodson dropped Mighty Mouse with powerful counters. Johnson managed to recover both times and make it to the end of the round.

Rounds 3 and 4 kept up the same pattern as the early rounds. Johnson tried to counter Dodson's power with hyperactivity, but continually ate the harder shots. Additionally, Johnson landed illegal blows in both rounds. In the third, he caught Dodson with a low bow that stopped the action, then again in the fourth with an illegal knee. Later in the fourth, Johnson turned the tide when he grabbed a front headlock and pinned Dodson against the cage. He landed a flurry of knees from that clinch that left John's nose bleeding.

The final round of action was clearly controlled by Johnson. Dodson had lost the power advantage and begun to gas. Johnson made the most of it by repeatedly catching him in a double collar tie and landing knees. He let off a few combinations of brutal punches as well.

In the end, Demetrious Johnson was able to retain his title with a unanimous decision ( 48-47, 49-46, 48-47) over John Dodson