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UFC On Fox 6 results: Jordan and Natal finish, Mitchell picks up decision

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The first Fox event of 2013 went off Saturday afternoon. David Mitchell opened up the action with a decision on Facebook. Then, opening up the FX prelims, Rafael Natal and Shawn Jordan both stopped their opponents in time.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

The UFC kicked off their second event of the year on Saturday January 26 with UFC On Fox 6. The opening bout was broadcast via the UFC's Facebook page with a Welterweight bout. after that the preliminary card started out on FX with a Middleweight then a heavyweight fight.

Mike Russow vs. Shawn Jordan

Russow dominated Jordan in the first round of their fight. He had Shawn rocked early with punches than kept the pressure on in the clinch. Jordan took control back in the second when he got Rossow down early. Russow was able to escape but quickly ended up on his back again. this time, Jordan got into mount, then back mount and landed some brutal shots to put Russow away. Shawn Jordan def. Mike Russow via TKO in round 2 (3:48)

Rafael Natal vs. Sean Spencer

In the first round both fighters seemed happy to battle on the feet. Spencer established his place in the center of the Octagon from the start and tried to keep Natal off his rhythm with pressure. A quick time out after an eye poke from Natal. Rafael ended the round in full mount after hurting Spencer on the feet. Second round was all Natal, who got the takedown early and punished Spencer with ground and pound. An early 3rd round takedown spelled the end for Spencer. Natal quickly got into a mounted crucifix position before transitioning to mount. A bloodied and battered Spencer couldn't defend the arm triangle. Rafael natal def. Sean Spencer via submission (Round 3, 2:13)

Simeon Thoresen vs. David Mitchell

Despite the grappling acumen of both fighters, the first round saw these Welterweights squaring off in essentially a boxing match. Both landed solid, but it was a pretty even striking round. Early in the second Mitchell landed hard and followed Thoresen to the mat, attacking for a rear naked choke. He wasn't able to finish and the two spent the rest of the round trading submission attempts. Doctor came in to check on the cut above Thoresen's eye between rounds and gave the OK to continue. Third round went back and forth on the feet and on the mat. After the final bell, all three judges scored the fight 30-27 for David Mitchell.