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Bellator 86 betting lines: Askren, Lawal heavy favorites

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The betting lines for the important Bellator 86 fights are out, and a lot of them are total blowouts. No less than four of the five major fights have one of the fighters as a 3-1 or larger favorite. And of the two close bouts, only one looks ripe for betting. Here's a look at the current lines:

Obivously there's not much sense in betting on Ben Askren or Muhammed Lawal at that price, and it's extremely unlikely that they're going to be upset. Same with Douglas Lima and Ben Saunders. So that leaves Brent Weedman vs. Marius Zaromskis. Weedman is a big lightweight and has the game to skills to keep Whitemare in check. I'll be betting on him in the -135 range.

It should be pointed out that my Bellator betting track record is spotty at best since I don't watch enough of it, so take this advice with a grain of barley.