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Lloyd Irvin issues 'open letter' on New Years Eve rape case involving his students and ensuing conversation

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Lloyd Irvin finally breaks his silence and issues an open letter on both the New Years Eve rape case involving his students and discussions about the 1989 gang rape case in which he was tried.

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Today, Lloyd Irvin issued an "open letter" addressing the New Years Eve rape case involving three of his students with one of them as the alleged victim. The entire letter can be read over at, but I wanted to present some of the quotes from the letter to ensure that our coverage also represents his side of things since he ignored our previous requests for comment.

On the New Years Eve case:

I want to apologize to every one of my friends, family and supporters who have suffered threats and degradation in my silence.

I apologize to my team and to everyone who has supported me in these last few weeks. It has been my family and your letters, phone calls, emails and texts have kept me going.

My ongoing support of my student who has suffered immeasurably, has occupied much of my thoughts and time in these past few weeks. And as we have unwaveringly shown her... her team, my family and I are there for her in every way.


I have shared with her my feelings on the matter and both of us are focused and committed to supporting her full recovery and violence prevention for ALL women going forward ... I’ll speak to you more about that later in this letter.

One of my biggest priorities in these past couple of weeks has been to express to her my sincere and deepest apology. And that too is what this letter is about.


I want to publicly apologize to her for me not knowing, not sensing, and not having the awareness to know that this was even possible.

My wife keeps saying I couldn’t have known, my mom says I couldn’t have known.

Everyone I’ve confided in said I couldn’t have known, but that doesn’t change my wishing I could have.

They keep saying the same thing over and over...

any reasonable person would understand that you couldn’t have known.

On why he has been "silent" so far:

That all being said, in answer to the question... "Why have I been silent on this?"

To put it simply, my focus has been on my team...

most of all, I have at my school a dear friend, student & team member who’s had an unimaginably horrible experience and

my only desire is to care for, support and help her.

I have promised her that I will do everything in my power to avoid this happening ever again within the influence of my organization/team.

It should be clearly and simply noted...

I nor anyone else on my current team or staff had ANYTHING at all to do with what is reported to have happened New Years Eve.

On the 1989 case where Irvin was tried in a gang rape where he was acquitted but three others were found guilty:

fI was once 20 years old

I did things 20 year olds do... drank too much,

partied too much,


Probably not unlike many 20 year olds,

I made more than my share of dumb choices.


I told the truth 23 years ago

to my mother

to my father and

under oath in a court of law and I’m telling the truth today.

I’m telling you the same thing I told the jury and the truth that is STILL on record.

The facts are the facts and glossing over the fact that

I did NOT rape nor have sex with ANYONE involved in the 1989 incident cannot and should not be brushed under the carpet.

I told the 100% unadulterated truth, just as I’m sharing with you right now.

I did NOT "get off on a technicality" as some want to say.

Please understand...

Before my trial in 1989 I was offered a plea bargain for "lesser time"...

the prosecutors told my father point blank...

"Mr. Irvin we are going to give your son

a lesser penalty if he admits

he is a rapist and if he doesn't

we will lock him up and put him away for a very long time."

I talked to my mom and my dad.

I was a kid.

I didn’t know what to do.

Terrified is the only word that comes close.

I’ve never seen my dad cry in my entire life not before and not since... but I remember his breath on my face and his tears in his eyes...

"Son, are you guilty of rape?"

Just the words coming flatly from your father’s mouth ... eye to eye

I still tremble today just remembering it.

I said "no, no dad I didn’t rape her, I didn’t." And with that he said...

"then you will not say you did."

And so like my father taught me from the first time I could walk, I went and told the truth and as a result....

I was not convicted. I was innocent.