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Chael Sonnen talks TUF, Lance Armstrong

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UFC star Chael Sonnen is coaching the 17th season of The Ultimate Fighter which debuts tonight on FX. He talks about the tough tournament field and what happened when Lance Armstrong threatened to sue him.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Two-time UFC Middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen has talked his way into a stint coaching The Ultimate Fighter opposite Jon Jones in the show's 17th season which debuts tonight on FX. Sonnen, who hasn't won a UFC Light Heavyweight fight since 2006 will get a title shot in April at UFC 159 following the season.

Chael is doing the rounds with the press in advance of this season and here are some highlights.

From MMA Fighting on the way UFC president Dana White is hyping the tournament competitors:

"This tournament is incredibly nasty. When Dana said it, here's the problem, I'm not sure of who he's referring to. There's some hammers in this tournament, there really are. I also heard him make the comment, and he said it jokingly, but he still said it that, `What am I going to do with the winner of the tournament, put him against Anderson Silva for the title?' When the president talks that way, it means something. This is the nastiest field of competitors. All you have to do is watch the very first show. It's the eliminations to see who gets into the house. When you see the guys who don't make it into the final cut, that's when you're going to understand how tough it is."

He's also been capitalizing on all the recent publicity about Lance Armstrong, a man he's called out for roiding in the past. From Jim Rome:

"Lance is a dweeb, the only thing he's missing is the tape on the glasses and the high water pants. That guy couldn't get respect at the local Honky Tonk in my hometown. He threatened to sue me so I threatened to kick his ass and the whole thing went away. Look, I get it and I'm kidding but Lance did do some bad stuff and he was a jerk about it. Yeah, he hit me up with the whole 'I'm gonna sue you' routine and I hit him back with the whole 'I'll kick your ass' routine. That's it, that's where it ended. I thought he was going to go through with the lawsuit but he did not."

He followed up with Yahoo!:

"At one point during the interview, he couldn't recall how many people he'd sued. Really. He not only didn't know the number, he couldn't even be sure when asked about specific individuals that his mighty, powerful legal team relentlessly tried to bury. It's worth noting that many of the people he's sued through the years in an effort to protect his lies and glory were one-time close friends, roommates, teammates, business partners and associates."

As always, take the words of convicted felon Chael Sonnen with many many grains of salt. This is a man who pioneered a post-modern approach to MMA promotion and doesn't let himself be hindered by inconvenient things like "facts" or "reality" when it's time to talk to the press.