UFC on FX 7 highlights the need for replay review.

Last night in Brazil, the UFC was once again plagued by a questionable decision. This time it wasn't the judges who were to blame, but it was the refs - well one ref in particular - who had a night full of controversy, capped by a NC that upon review did not look like it was a foul. Most major sports organizations have some sort of review system in play and I believe that in certain circumstances the UFC should follow suit.

In a situation where the ref stops a fight due to a non-flagrant foul, the ref should have the ability to look at a monitor and see if a foul actually occurred. If it did occur, then the NC/DQ can stay intact (should the fighter not be able to continue). However, if the ref deems that no foul actually occurred - which was pretty clearly the case last night in the Alcantara/Nobre fight - I believe the ref should have the option of restarting the fight. If the opponent says he can't continue, then he can take a L on his record. If no foul occurred and the fighter says he can't continue, that is akin to a verbal submission.

People make mistakes and most sports leagues have understood that in this day and age, with the technology that we have, most mistakes can be corrected upon review. If the UFC is serious about being the sport of the future, then they need to evolve with the rest of the sports world. A simple replay rule like the one I outlined above could go a long way.

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