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UFC on FX 7 prelims results: Trinaldo, I. Alcantara win, Nobre acts his way to no-contest

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Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The UFC on FX 7 prelims have been okay so far. The first bout of the night, a lightweight tussle between C.J. Keith and Francisco Trinaldo, went as expected with Trinaldo getting a second-round submission victory via arm-triangle choke. Things got a little weird after that though.

In the second bout, Ildemar Alcantara made his UFC debut against Wagner Prado. Prado was beating Alcantara up on the feet and won the first round, but Alcantara managed to get a takedown in the second. Prado reversed, but basically handed his leg to the bigger Alcantara brother and ended up getting submitted with a kneebar. Prado's submission defense on the ground was not good to say the least, and he might be getting his walking papers soon.

The third bout was very odd. Yuri Alcantara faced off with the debuting Pedro Nobre, and Alcantara was in total control. He almost finished the fight with a nasty kimura, but Nobre managed to escape. Alcantara got back mount and landed a few punches. Some strayed to the back of the head, and referee Dan Mirgliotta warned him. Another soft one landed in the wrong place, and Mirg stopped the fight and was apparently going to take a point from Alcantara. But Nobre never got up.

Instead, he laid there moaning and acting like he was badly hurt by a few not-so-hard shots. Alcantara looked on in disbelief while Nobre stayed down, forcing Mirgliotta to wave off the fight. In the end, he deemed the shots as "unintentional" and the bout went to a no contest. But UFC president Dana White saw it for what it was, and he was not impressed:

Alcantara got jobbed.