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Gracie brothers discuss Lloyd Irvin student rape case, impact on BJJ community

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Rener and Ryron Gracie discuss the impact that the Lloyd Irvin student rape case has had on the BJJ comunity and explain many aspects of controlling the environment in your gym.

This video of Rener and Ryron Gracie discussing the case where two male Lloyd Irvin students allegedly raped a female Lloyd Irvin student on New Years Eve should serve as a type of companion to the open letter from Ryan Hall to the martial arts community ran here on Bloody Elbow earlier today.

It has been very interesting to see high profile people in the martial arts community begin to have very frank, open discussions about the situation and how the community can be better. And the Gracies here discuss a lot about how BJJ could, theoretically end up "in the wrong hands" but also the benefits that come from the art.

The video talks a lot about becoming helpful as a person, understanding that you have to "keep the water clean" and remove bad influences that can infect that "water" in your gym and lead to irresponsible behavior.

It's a lengthy video, a little over 30 minutes long, but it's also interesting and provides a lot of unique insight.