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Bellator 85 live results, play-by-play and video stream for Bellator's debut on Spike TV

Bellator Fighting Championships takes place tonight live on Spike TV and Bloody Elbow will have live results and video stream of the action from Irvine, CA.

Photo via Bellator

Tonight sees the debut of Bellator Fighting Championships on Spike TV. The promotion has made quite the move going from ESPN Deportes to Fox Sports Net to MTV 2 and now to Spike, the former home of the UFC.

The promotion looks to make a splash their first night on their new home, putting two title fights on the broadcast as well as a pair of light heavyweight tournament fights that feature recognizable names. Feel free to peruse Fraser Coffeen's preview of the main card.

Here's how the card breaks down:

Main Card (10:00 p.m. ET on Spike TV)

Lightweight Championship: Michael Chandler vs. Rick Hawn
Featherweight Championship: Pat Curran vs. Patricio Freire

LHW Tournament Quarterfinals: Renato Sobral vs. Mikhail Zayats
LHW Tournament Quarterfinals: Emmanuel Newton vs. Atanas Djambazov

Preliminary Card (Streaming live at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bloody Elbow)

LHW Tournament Quarterfinals: Seth Petruzelli vs. Jacob Noe

Hector Ramirez vs. Jason Lambert
Aaron Miller vs. Joe Camacho
Joe Williams vs. Jamie Yager
Mike Guymon vs. Savant Young
J.J. Ambrose vs. Brian Warren
Cleber Luciano vs. Mario Navarro

We'll have your results here live as the action takes place, but we also have live streaming video provided by Spike and Bellator that you can watch below.

Hi. Dallas here, taking you through the preliminary card play-by-play. Results are in reverse chronological order.

Aaron Miller vs. Joe Camacho

R1: Miller snaps a low kick outside. Camacho bobs under with a mean left uppercut but can't secure the single leg. Camacho clinches up and Miller nearly hits a nice counter hip throw. Whoa. Miller does hit the counter throw this time, showing a set of strong Judo-based hips. And my computer froze until the last few seconds of the round, so I'll have to pass on a score.

R2: Miller lands on top again, but it's Camacho who's more offensive with a huge elbow from the bottom and a shoulder-post armbar attempt. Miller gets free and lands a few strikes, then uses the front headlock to counter Camacho's escape attempt. Camacho is the busier and more effective striker from his guard. Miller gets half guard for a second but Camacho regains guard and goes for a triangle. Camacho handily out-striking Miller before attempting a triangle, then he transitions to a kneebar that isn't there. Still, he clearly takes that frame from his back. 10-9 Camacho.

R3: Miller plunges a knee to the body on the clinch. Camacho responds with a leaping knee but gets taken down. Miller passes to half and interestingly lands a few short knees to the body. Miller has Camacho on the fence and the limited space is affecting Camacho's movement. Miller unloads a sequence of sharp elbows to the head. Camacho unlatches a hard heel kick to the face that lands when Miller was down. Herzog identifies the foul and pauses the action.

Miller is ready after a minute and we restart on the ground with 2:00 left. Miller gets busy with punches but has to fight his way out of a loose armbar attempt. Camacho is no longer restrained by the fence but his pace is a fraction of that in the 2nd round. 10-9 Miller. I missed most of the 1st round and saw the last two as split.

Aaron Miller defeats Joe Camacho by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3).

Hector Ramirez vs. Jason Lambert

R1: Lambert with an inside low kick, then a double jab. They trade big shots and Ramirez clinches up to dirty box. Lambert isn't having it and pushes him off, but absorbs a stiff left hook that splits his eye open. Lambert scores with a left. Lambert skates forward with a 3-piece combo that doesn't land but does allow him to mount some short shots from the clinch.

Ramirez breaks it loose and pegs Lambert with a right to the jaw. Lambert is stalking relentlessly with short-range hooks and knees to the body in tie-ups. Ramirez snaps the pressure with an outside trip takedown, but Lambert immediately swings a leg over to threaten with a triangle. Lambert hooks Ramirez' posted arm and, with his legs still in triangle position, hits the inverted straight armbar to force the stoppage.

Jason Lambert defeats Hector Ramirez by submission (inverted armbar), Round 1.

J.J. Ambrose vs. Brian Warren

R1: Ambrose comes out bangin' and Warren is turtled and eating shots 10 seconds in. Ambrose takes his back with a hook in and falls back with a choke attempt after he gets the second. Warren scoots free and slams a monstrous up-kick to the face of Ambrose, which might have dazed him. Warren tries to flurry from closed guard but Ambrose recovers and postures up with punches.

Warren opens his guard and Ambrose slugs him in the ribs with left hands. Warren closes his guard and controls posture to drastically sap the tempo. Herzog stands them up when the inactivity continues. Ambrose clips Warren with a right counter and Warren stumbles back before falling. Ambrose goes in for the kill, exploding with punches and adding in a heavy knee to the body when Warren turtles. 10-8 for the near finish.

R2: Ambrose cracks a low kick and tacks on a right cross. Warren looking wobbly amidst what I assume are some sort of kick attempts. Ambrose pings him with another huge right, but opts to pounce by cinching up a guillotine this time. He gets it.

J.J. Ambrose defeats Brian Warren by submission (guillotine choke), Round 2.

Emmanuel Newton vs. Atanas Djambazov

R1: It's raining heaters from both sides right out of the gate. Djambazov lumbers forward winging leather and clinches Newton on the fence; Newton creates space and backs him off with a few push kicks and side kicks. Newton catches
Djambazov with a cleaving short hook that lands flush. Newton turns it on with more punches until Djambazov clears a path with a streaking left hand.

Newton hits a takedown and tries to work strikes; Djambazov swivels for a nice armbar from open guard that Newton defends riskily with a pair of slams. Newton hops onto Djambazov's back when he tries to hip escape, knifes his way into mount and then takes Djambazov's back when he tries to buck him off. Djambazov spins into guard but eats some punches for the effort. 10-9 Newton.

R2: Djambazov looking Karlos Vemola-ish with his loopers. Newton scores with another slick side kick, then pieces up a 3-piece combo that closes with a high kick. Newton hits another takedown. Djambazov is feisty for a moment, but eventually succumbs and Newton goes right into full mount, hammering down a medley of punches. The barrage causes to Djambazov to roll, and Newton takes the gimme choke.

Emmanuel Newton defeats Atanas Djambazov by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2.

Mike Guymon vs. Savant Young

R1: Guymon comes out with a low kick and jabs. Young clinches up and Guymon pushes him away. Young gets wild on the feet and Guymon latches on and hits an outside trip from bodylock. Half guard for Guymon, who rides Young back to the fence wall. A big left, then a big right sails down from Guymon. Swarming attack now from Guymon, staying busy with strikes, peeling Young off the fence during an escape attempt, dragging him back down and seeking out a rear-naked choke.

Young defends, and the same scenario repeats, except Young gets back to his feet on the escape this time. Guymon stays on him in the clinch, then unloads a few strikes when Young breaks free. Young looks to complain to the ref that one of the shots was low, to no avail. Guymon glues on and takes him down again, landing some sharp elbows once he's there. 10-9 Guymon; not quite enough for a 10-8.

R2: Guymon goes inside with the low kick and follows with a straight right. Step-in knee from Guymon, then a front kick. Young finally touches Guymon with a right-left combo when he's charging in, then uncorks a show-stopping left when Guymon barrels in again with his hands down. It's a clean knockout.

Savant Young defeats Mike Guymon by TKO (left hook), Round 2.

Joe Williams vs. Jamie Yager

R1:Big John McCarthy in the house. Yager, sporting the 'fro, swings out a few kicks and whiffs on a big uppercut. Williams shoots and gets the double leg after some persistence. Yager is back up quickly and bases wide with an underhook, but Williams hits a fresh angle to take him back down. Yager cinches a guillotine as Williams passes to side that he quickly releases.

Williams gets Yager to the fence, bases down in half guard and patty-cakes a few strikes, then puts a little mustard on the next few. Yager grabs wrist control to stem the tide, but gives up his back when Williams breaks the grip and then lays still while Williams pitter-patters a good 15-20 punches to the head. BJM steps in and waves it off; Yager protests the stoppage.

Joe Williams defeats Jamie Yager by TKO (punches), Round 1.

Mario Navarro vs. Cleber Luciano

R1: Luciano nails an early takedown and goes right to half guard. Frenetic pace on top from Luciano, though he's threatening to pass with no striking. Luciano gets north-south as Navarro tries to escape via wall-walk. As always, great reffing by Jason Herzog, who clarifies that Navarro can't hook his toes inside the cage. Luciano stacks up and goes knee on bell, obviously the dominant grappler of the two.

Now a strike or two from Luciano, but nothing's on them. More knee on belly, followed by side control and north-south again. A pair of hammer-fists land for Luciano, who follows with a few more punches that land solid. Navarro backs him off with a nice armbar attempt but Luciano squirms free and goes back to work. Luciano unloads a ground flurry that goes at least a dozen deep. 10-8 for grappling domination.

R2: Navarro grazes a right roundhouse kick, and it's the only offense he can muster before he's flat on his back again. High half-guard for Luciano, who isolates an arm with wrist control and passes to side mount. Navarro regains his guard with active hips; Luciano methodically passes to side, then full mount. It's brief, as Navarro scoots his hips up to regain full guard, but Luciano is back in mount in instant later.

Navarro bucks him off and stands back up, mustering two missed punches before the takedown. Navarro pauses and flashes his corner the Ben Henderson hand signal, for whatever reason. Luciano has Navarro's head on the cage and gets foot control to break his closed guard and pass to half. Navarro gets back up and lands one knee and elbow before the bell sounds. 10-9 for a lack of striking from Luciano and at least a few solid strikes landed by Navarro.

R3: Navarro gets off a kick and few punches, as well as manages to stave off a takedown. Showing atrocious fight I.Q., Navarro ... pulls guard? After being owned from the top for the last 10 minutes? Then looks up to the ref, pleading for a stand up. Luciano gradually spiders his way up to full mount and clobbers the helpless Navarro for a good minute before the bell. 10-8 Luciano, for a 30-25 curb-stomping on my card. (Navarro angrily taunts Luciano as he's celebrating, taxing the limits on an already overflowing "Complaints Box.")

Cleber Luciano defeats Mario Navarro by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3).

Brent Brookhouse here to take you through the Spike broadcast of the main card...

Featherweight Championship: Pat Curran vs. Patricio Freire - Round 1 - Curran coming forward while Pitbull circles on the outside, bouncing on the balls of his feet and throwing a few leg kicks. Now Pitbull with a combination of punches that miss, but he lands a leg kick at the end of the combo. Curran isn't doing a whole lot here and Pitbull is winning on leg kicks if nothing else. Hard right hand by Curran as I type that. Now Curran gets the better of a punching exchange. Curran with a nice left hook and Pitbull comes back with a nice combination. Hard right by Pitbull. 10-9 Pitbull in my eyes, but not a blowout.

Round 2 - Curran gets some nice punches off early in the round and now he's opening a bit with jabs and straight rights. Curran misses with a head kick and with a right hand. Two hard punches land or Curran. Curran really stepping it up now, landing some hard shots. Pitbull misses with a combo, Curran misses a flurry in return. Head kick lands for Curran. Pitbull pressuring a bit later in the round but he's bleeding hard from the nose and Curran pops him with the jab again. 10-9 Curran.

Round 3 - Pitbull pressuring again and he's getting some shots in as the round develops. Curran's jab is a very solid weapon for him. Hard head kick by Pitbull and Curran partially blocks it but he's still buzzed. Pitbull keeping the pressure up now and that's keeping Curran from engaging. Hard right by Curran lands. Pitbull won that round through pressure and the big head kick. 10-9 Pitbull.

Round 4 - Curran going backward again early and Pitbull digs to the body and now a leg kick. Pitbull with two sharp punches. Two hard shots for Curran but then he stops and Pitbull is able to fire away again. Hard right by Curran hurts Pitbull but he doesn't follow up. Curran with another good right and a few jabs. Now their heads come together. Two massive body shots from Curran land hard. Suddenly Pitbull shoots in. 10-9 Curran to even it up heading to the final round.

Round 5 - Head kick and a left hand by Curran landed hard. Hard right by Curran. Hard kick to the body and then two punches from Curran. Curran with some very sharp combinations and he's taking this fight over. Pitbull is still fighting in there, but Curran is mixing it up so well. Now he throws a sharp overhand elbow that gets in. PItbull with a hard right and now he's coming forward. Curran lands hard. This was a tremendous fight and one that I have 48-47 for Curran.

Official scorecards: 48-47 Pitbull, 48-47 Curran, 48-47 Curran. Pat Curran wins by split decision.

Renato Sobral vs. Mikhail Zayats - Round 1 - Babalu pushing Zayats into the cage early and working some knees. Babalu with a leg kick after they separate, Zayats tried to throw a few punches but missed. Big right lands for Babalu. Zayats survives in the clinch and now he shoots but can't get it. Spinning backfist by Zayats hurts Babalu and he follows up with more shots! Sobral down! Zayats pounding away and finally it's stopped. Mikhail Zayats wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Lightweight Championship: Michael Chandler vs. Rick Hawn - Round 1 - Chandler with some heavy leg kicks. Big uppercut from Chandler misses. Chandler shoots and gets a quick double leg. Very quick with the takedown. Chandler working from the top while Hawn is forced to lay back and defend, throwing a few elbows. Hawn manages to stand up but CHandler throws hard shots at him. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 2 - Chandler mixing up his angles and feinting, looking to create and then exploit an opening. Chandler with the big slam takedown. Chandler just controlling the action still and Hawn is stuck on his back. Elbows from the top by Chandler now. Hawn gives up his back to get up but Chandler takes him back down an dnow has the back with the choke in deep. Chandler gets the rear naked choke! Wow! Michael Chandler wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 2.

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So check back once the show starts for our live thoughts and results.