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UFC on FX 7: Michael Bisping goes off on 'roid raging' 'hooligan' Vitor Belfort after stare down shoving match

UFC Middleweight Michael Bisping goes off on Vitor Belfort after their post-presser stare down turned into a shoving match.

UFC Middleweight Michael Bisping went OFF on Vitor Belfort, his UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs. Bisping opponent following a post-press conference stare down that turned into a little bit of a jostle and jawing session. Here's what Bisping had to say afterwards:

"We went to square up and normally I like to get near my opponent. But he had his arm fully outreached and then went to make contact with my chin. I went to move it away, you know, 'listen, don't touch me' and when I went to move it away he got all fired up. He lost his cool. He says I'm a hooligan. I turned up dressed like a professional sportsman and he's dressed like a hooligan and he acted like a hooligan. All the talk of Jesus and the Bible and honor and respect went out the window.

"He's pumped for the fight. I can't wait. That was perfect. That was a great press conference. Well no, he bored the s**t out of me the entire time but at the end he actually showed a bit of personality for once. He dropped the Jesus act and got real for a second. Fireworks guaranteed. Let alone the fight, the weigh-ins are going to be good.

"Do I need to bring my mouth piece? Can he control himself? Is roid rage going to kick in? Will TRT be an issue? Are his levels elevated? Have his testicles shrunk? Does he have a penis? He IS a penis, just because he is a penis does that mean he has a penis?"

Bisping has been promised a UFC title shot against champion Anderson Silva if he beats Belfort on Saturday, January 19.

Here's the initial post-presser not quite but almost shoving match:

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