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UFC on FX 7: Dana White video blog, part 2

UFC president Dana White is back with another video blog, this being the second part of his UFC on FX 7 series. I don't even know why they're labeled by a particular event, considering they almost always look at the last event anyway. In this case, there's a bunch more UFC 155 footage.

The blog starts with White playing a prank on Lorenzo Fertitta, who forgot his jacket back in a media room. Dana fills his pockets with cheese and grapes. Lorenzo figures it out cageside, but no-sells it and just dumps all the stuff on the table.

Next up, Mike Tyson enters the back room and Dana escorts him cageside to watch the event. There's some footage of Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos warming up, then Joe Lauzon is shown after his bloodbath of a fight with Jim Miller. Everyone wants to take pictures of the huge cut on his forehead. Cain and JDS are shown entering, then it cuts to post-fight with Cain celebrating and Dos Santos getting loaded into an ambulance.

The ending shows Dana chatting with a few guys before the post-fight press conference, including Daniel Cormier.