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Rampage Jackson says bout with Teixeira will be last with UFC as fighters are 'not taken care of well enough'

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson says that his time with the UFC will end on January 26 when he takes on Glover Teixeira.

The very public falling out between the UFC and Quinton Jackson over the last year has been well documented. But with Jackson scheduled for the last fight on his UFC contract on January 26 against Glover Teixeira, Rampage was on yesterday's media call stressing that this would be his last fight with the UFC and he had no interest in negotiating a new deal with the promotion.

MMA Fighting has the quotes from the conference call:

"I don't want to renegotiate with them," he said on Tuesday.

"I think the UFC don't know how to treat the athletes, in my opinion," he continued. "I feel like the fighters do a lot for the sport and I feel like we're not taken care of well enough. I feel like they're getting rich off all of us."


"I’ve been mad at UFC for long time, and it turned me into a very negative person," he said. "I just want to be a positive person. That's the first thing I do is get rid of all the negativity out of my life. I had a lot of negative friends, even some negative family members, and I'm getting rid of the UFC out of my life. I just want to be a positive person and positive role model for my kids and for other young people coming up. I just want a positive life. No matter what the outcome on Jan. 26 is, I’m going to be happy with everything because I’ve trained very hard and I trained to destroy Glover. I trained every aspect, on the ground, wrestling, standup, everything. I trained to be strong and then leave UFC on a positive note and go on with my life. The UFC will be my past."