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UFC on FX 7: Dana White video blog, part 1

UFC president Dana White is back with another video blog, this time for UFC on FX 7. He says at the start of it that he's off to LA to have his Meniere's Disease surgery, and that he's going to pump out a second vlog this week as well. After running down the card, he moved on and showed a bunch of backstage footage from UFC 155.

Nick the Tooth is back, this time in a completely pointless segment where he's smoking out of a pipe, drinking, listening to Christmas music, and taking over an office. Dana's even wearing a Nick the Tooth shirt, which is a bit disturbing.

The scene finally switches to some fighter talk, then Joe Rogan and Bruce Buffer amusingly describe Joe Silva. They also show Dana leaving the fighter meeting and greeting some of the guys on their way out. Perhaps the most interesting thing was Dana saying "Welcome home" to Todd Duffee.

The blog finishes up with Dana paying Joe Lauzon the rest of his money for submitting Nick the Tooth six times in their pre-UFC 155 grappling match. Dana jokingly claimed that Lauzon and his "goon friends from Boston" had been threatening him about not paying up. After he hands over the cash, Joe Silva asks Lauzon about the post-grappling match drug test. Lauzon says "I passed mine, ask Nick about his", which cracks everyone up.