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King Mo: No contract is ever fighter friendly

Bellator light heavyweight, Mo Lawal, gives his take on the Bellator/Eddie Alvarez controversy, and discusses why he'll never be a high flying pro wrestler.

Image courtesy of Mo Lawal
Image courtesy of Mo Lawal

In just nine short days, Muhammed Lawal will finally initiate the MMA portion of his extensive, tri-sport contract with Bellator. He faces a relatively unknown athlete, whose name is so difficult to pronounce, that he just refers to him as 'Coleslaw' but has prepared for him as though this were a championship fight, with everything on the line.

Bellator's SPIKE TV deal will finally kick off this Thursday, but has a bit of a dark cloud hanging overhead due to the contract conflict with lightweight star, Eddie Alvarez. I recently spoke with Lawal, to get his thoughts on the controversy, and if he feels any concern or pressure as he kicks off his own two year stint with the organization. Here's what he had to say on the subject:

It's a power struggle. Somebody is gonna be happy, somebody is gonna be unhappy. As far as people jumping in, saying Bjorn Rebney is a tyrant, or this and that ... promoters in general, Bjorn Rebney, Bob Arum, Don King, Dana White, Lou DiBella, they're all the same. They're all about the money. You just have to read the contract. Dana White did the same thing to Randy Couture. It's all the same. They want their money, and they're going to try to keep their money. People seem to forget when Randy Couture tried to leave to go fight in Affliction. What were people saying about Dana White then? Randy could have fought Fedor, made a ton of money and been an even bigger legend than he is now. Back then, that was the biggest fight going, but the UFC blocked it.

"King" mo didn't seem too concerned about his own contract presenting any future problems like the ones Eddie Alvarez is experiencing.

Nope. No concern at all. All the contracts are the same. There's no difference between a Bellator contract, XFC, or UFC. They're all the same. If a company wrote a contract that looked out for the fighters instead of themselves, that company would be out of business. Companies look out for themselves and their money first. Straight up, no contract is ever fighter friendly. I'm not worried about the rematch clause either, because that's more for the people that I beat [laughs].

As far as the pro wrestling aspect of his career, one thing we won't be seeing from Lawal are the high flying, top of the ropes moves that so many before him have made famous.

Hell no! I'm not doing anything like that or trying to get hurt. D-Lo Brown told me, 'If I would have known that my body would be messed up from jumping from the top rope, I would have never done that.' It's like Hulk Hogan's double leg drop. He did it so many times, it shortened his spine. You end up with back and hip and knee problems. I plan on doing MMA stuff in there. Choking people, ground and pound and Pride kicks. I'm doing all that. I plan on keeping it straight ghetto MMA [laughs].

You can follow Mo via his Twitter account, @KingMoFH