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Tweets of the Day: Dana White goes off on judges following controversial decision at Strikeforce

Dana White isn't happy about MMA judging during the final Strikeforce event.


Strikeforce's last event also had it's share of a very common problem in MMA, questionable judging. K.J. Noons took on Ryan Couture in a very exciting lightweight bout, and while most people had Noons winning, two judges scored it 29-28 for Couture.

The son of the Hall-of-Famer did deserve to be picked up by the UFC after that gritty and impressive display, but most pundits felt that he didn't deserve that decision, including Dana White. He felt the same way, and the UFC president once again voiced out his opinion on twitter:

Noons has gone on twitter shortly after the bout to thank Dana as well:

Hopefully this means they will also bring Noons into the fold even if he technically "lost" his fight as there are a bunch of entertaining match ups that he can be made. Noons vs. Lauzon, anyone?

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