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Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine results: Daniel Cormier beats up Dion Staring


Daniel Cormier entered his bout with Dion Staring as a huge favorite, and he won the bout as expected. But it took a while longer than most thought it would. Cormier dominated the fight, but Staring was able to survive on the ground and even got up a few times. Eventually though, Cormier began to beat the tar out of him and Staring couldn't defend anymore, giving Cormier a TKO win late in the second round of his final Strikeforce fight. The finish came at 4:02 of the round.

Cormier landed a couple of kicks early, then got the expected takedown right into side control. Cormier locked up a crucifix, but Staring got out and actually got back to his feet. DC whiffed on a head kick, but landed a couple of big punches that stunned Staring enough to get another takedown. Cormier landed some short elbows, but Staring got up again. After Staring's mouthpiece was replaced, Cormier took him back down and beat him up from mount. Staring got out of the round though.

After working for over a minute against the cage to start the second, the fighters separated. Finally Cormier got the takedown and worked from side control against the cage. Staring rolled around and tried to escape, but started to eat a steady stream of elbows and punches. DC went back to mount and pounded away some more. There were subs available everywhere, but Cormier chose to just keep beating Staring up. Finally the referee had seen enough and stopped it.

After the bout, Cormier called out Frank Mir for a bout at UFC on Fox 7 in April, and promised to "kick Jon Jones' ass in the fall".

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