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Two Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts School students arrested for rape

A local report revealed that two students of Lloyd Irvin's school have been arrested and accused of rape after an incident on New Year's Eve.

Lloyd Irvin is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist and MMA instructor. He's done a lot with Alliance MMA including coaching UFC fighters Dominic Cruz, Phil Davis and Brandon Vera. He runs his own gym out of Camp Springs, MD called Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts School.

On Wednesday, ABC affiliate WJLA out of Washington D.C. reported that two of Irvin's male students were accused of raping a female student of the gym on New Year's Eve:

Police said the woman bumped in the two men at a club in D.C. They offered to escort her to an instructor's home, because she was too drunk to drive.

But the men took her to the St. Matthew's Center parking garage instead, police explained, where surveillance cameras captured Maldanado raping the woman and Shultz joining.

After Maldanado left, police said, the tape shows Schultz raping her repeatedly. She told police he said at one point, "I am sorry. I am a sick bastard."

Detectives said the woman claimed she had been raped, but it wasn't until they saw the tape, that the extent of the allegations emerged.

They wrote of the alleged attack "She fell backwards...striking her head against the wall...later struck her head again...and noted she collapsed to the ground...several times...he head again hitting the ground."

Matthew Maldonado is a Mundials gold medalist at the brown belt level. Nicholas Schults is a BJJ purple belt. No court dates have been set for either of the accused.