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UFC: Daniel Cormier Makes Bid To Dana White For TUF Coaching Spot Opposite Jon Jones

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Jon Jones might just be the most polarizing name in MMA. With fans, fighters and media split down the middle on their thoughts about where the blame for the cancellation of UFC 151 should be placed, opinions come out of the woodwork at an astonishing pace. Of all the thought processes in play here, the ones I find most interesting are the fighters. In a recent interview we conducted with Daniel Cormier, he weighed in on the subject, and even made a personal bid to Dana White for a TUF coaching gig opposite Jones.

UFC 151

Obviously, there's more than one side to every story. Jon was right in making his decision, based on what he feels he needs for his career. However, I disagreed with it. I think the kid is that good. I think he could have fought Chael Sonnen, or just about anybody on eight days notice, if he's already been in training camp. If he just goes out and fights his fight, against the vast majority of fighters in the world, he's probably going to win. That's why I disagree.

The UFC has done a lot for Jon. They've put him out in the forefront and made him a huge star. I'm not saying they've done it alone, his skills have done it, too, but they've given him opportunities to become a huge star, and I think that sometimes, it's kind of necessary to take one for the team. That was a situation where he could have done that, and it would have went a long way, in terms of their relationship continuing forward positively, the that it has been in the past.


Daniel Cormier: I'd like to fight anyone. There are options, and we'd need to sit down and figure it out. If they offer me a heavyweight for my first fight once I get to the UFC, I'd gladly take it. If they offered me a different fight, then I'd take that one, too. There's a ton of options. My last fight, I weighed 238, and I had lunch and breakfast. During my training camp for that fight, I was 229 at one point. That was the lightest I've been in years, so with that being said, I'm not walking at 250 or 260, like I was, so I'd like to think that I have options in two weight divisions now.

For the rest of my career, being 33 years old, I want big fights. If I have to cut some weight, then I have to cut some weight. Listen, I think, pound for pound, the best fighter in the world, right now, is Jon Jones. Dana already said he thinks I'd do well at 205. If he offered me a fight down there against Jon Jones, and gave me some time to get the weight off safely, shoot, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.

It's like all the guys wanting to fight Floyd Mayweather or Roy Jones when he was the best. As a champion, and one of the best fighters in the world, guys should always step up to the plate and want to fight Jon Jones. So, if Dana said, 'Daniel, I'll give you some time to make the weight', I'd gladly take that fight if Cain is the champion at heavyweight.

I know a situation that helps out everyone. Give Jon a challenge that he doesn't get from most guys, and that's something that I present. Hopefully, him and I get through our next fight. At the beginning of the year, let us coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. That gives me time to actually get my weight down, and in the summer time, we fight. How does that sound? I'm throwing it out there right now. Let's do it. He hasn't coached the show before, and neither have I. Let the fans get to know me better by putting me on TV for two and a half months, and then put me and Jon in a fight.

Jon's a good wrestler, but I've wrestled at a different level. I'm gonna pressure him. I'm gonna take him down. I think it would be great for everybody, all around. I can tell you with 100% confidence in myself and in my ability, that if I was to fight him, or anyone else in the world, at some point in that fight, if I decide to put them on their back, I'm putting them on their back.

You can follow Daniel via his Twitter account, @DC_MMA