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UFC On FX 5: Ellenberger Says Hieron 'More Dangerous' Than Koscheck

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UFC Welterweight Jake Ellenberger was originally slated to face Josh Koscheck at UFC 151. But then Koscheck got hurt and Jay Hieron was brought back to the UFC to face Ellenberger. Of course the whole UFC 151 card was then cancelled when headliner Dan Henderson got hurt and Jon Jones refused to face Chael Sonnen on short notice.

Now Ellenberger and Hieron will co-main UFC on FX 5 on Oct. 5 under headlining Heavyweights Travis Browne and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Ellenberger spoke to Fighters Only and compared Koscheck and Hieron:

"Jay's a tough cat. He may not be as well known as a guy like Koscheck, but he's dangerous. I think he's probably more dangerous. He's hungry to get back in there, especially to get back in the UFC too. So he's gonna come in strong too, I expect a tough fight for sure. Again, I gotta make a statement and prove I'm a top contender again. So, I'm ready."

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