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ONE FC Adopts Full Pride Rules For Soccer Kicks

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Photo by Anton Tabuena
Photo by Anton Tabuena

It appears that the Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski debacle was the final straw for ONE FC. After multiple instances of controversy regarding their bizarre soccer kick rules, the organization recently tweeted that they'll be changing things up for their next event;

Before tosay, the referee had to assess the situation and determine that the grounded fighter could intelligently defend themselves before permission was given to the attacking fighter to throw soccer kicks. This has results in massacres (as in Roger Huerta's case), and just strange situations (like Sylvia/Arlovski). Adopting the full Pride rules will lead to much less confusion, and at least ONE FC is listening to their fans.

ONE FC 6 takes place in Singapore next month and currently features a main event pitting Shinya Aoki against Arnaud Lepont.