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Fight Video: Anderson Silva Early Muay Thai Fight


Ah, the joys of the YouTube age. There once was a time when, as fight fans, we had to work and work in order to track down obscure fights from our favorites. No more. These days, all it takes is a watchful eye for the occasional newfound gem to pop up online. Like this clip.

What we have here is UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva competing in a very early fight. According to the description, this is from 1999, which would make Silva 24 years old. The Spider debuted professionally in 1997, but then has no pro MMA fights again until 2000, so this would fit in that gap. For some historical perspective, this is around the time of UFC 20 when men like Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock held UFC gold. It's also billed as a Muay Thai fight, though Silva is clearly using more of the Brazilian Muay Thai style employed by Chute Boxe, while his opponent seems to have much more of a Taekwondo background.

Watching it now, one thing that sticks out is how well developed Silva was in his striking almost 15 years ago. Everything is done to perfection and with supreme confidence - I just wish the camera angle could catch the knockdown strikes a bit better, as that last body kick clearly does a lot of damage.

Fight begins at roughly 4:30 in the video. Enjoy!