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UFC Results: Hardy beats Sadollah, Pickett shuts down Jaboiun

UFC on Fuel TV 5: Struve vs. Miocic results: Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sadollah and Brad Pickett vs. Yves Jabouin.

Welterweight: Dan Hardy def. Amir Sadollah via decision (30-27 x2, 29-28).

Sadollah charged forward early behind a pari of rights. Seemed to have Hardy backing up early. Hardy gradually retook center cage and began to fire back with heavier leather. Sadollah push Hardy back with a teep kick and began to open up again. Hardy landed a hard left hook. The action slowed a bit but Hardy landed a counter left on an incoming Sadollah. Amir forced it up against the clinch but Hardy reversed him against the cage. Hardy punished Sadollah with knees and elbows on the inside. Sadollah landed on the break but Hardy hurt him with a counter. Sadollah immediately countered the counter though and a hurt Hardy forced the clinch. Things got ugly in the clinch as they traded a variety of hurtful shots. The round ended with both men falling to the ground as Hardy held on to a whizzer and Sadollah tried for a toss.

They traded early and often in the second. Hardy landing the harder shots but Sadollah hanging in and firing back. Hardy pressed forward behind a combo to the body. Hardy landed a hard right. Hardy surprised everyone by going for a double leg and slamming Sadollah to the mat. Amir was back on his feet quickly but they remained locked in a clinch. They separated, traded and then Hardy got his second take down of the round. Hardy fired down with elbows from inside Sadollah's guard. Sadollah worked for arm control from the bottom, but Hardy backed out to escape and then came back down and almost advanced to side mount as the round ended.

Hardy forced Sadollah against the fence after an early blitz to open the final round. Sadollah reversed against the clinch before backing away. Sadollah dropped for a single leg but Hardy stuffed him with no trouble. Sadollah's face wore the marks of a beating. Sadollah fell after slipping while throwing a kick and Hardy quickly tackled him. Being inside Sadollah's guard wasn't the best position for Hardy who spent more of his top time defending from submissions than raining down blows. Hardy managed to posture up finally and drop several hard elbows on Sadollah's face. A bloodied Sadollah fought to his feet with 20 seconds left. Hardy capped his fight with a smashing left hook before the bell.

Sadollah falls to 6-4 overall and has fought his whole career in the UFC. Hardy improves to 6-4 in the UFC and 25-10 overall.

Bantamweight: Brad Pickett def. Yves Jabouin via TKO at 3:40 of round 1.

Jabouin came out landing kicks to Pickett's legs and body early. Pickett was able to get inside and answer with punches. Jabouin landed a spinning kick to the body. Then Pickett caught the Haitian with a murderous uppercut that dropped Jabouin, following it up with some shots on the ground and got the TKO.

Jabouin falls to 3-2 in the UFC and 18-8 overall. Picket improves to 2-1 in the UFC and 22-6 overall.