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UFC on Fuel: Struve vs Miocic live results and play-by-play for undercard

Live results and play-by-play for the UFC on Fuel undercard. The evening is headlined by a heavyweight fight between Stefan Struve and Stipe Miocic.

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on Fuel 5: Struve vs. Miocic. Our live coverage will start with the prelim fights on Facebook (currently scheduled for 1:45 p.m. ET) and continuing through the Fuel TV main card (4 p.m. ET).

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the undercard on Facebook.

The "prelim headliner" is a light heavyweight bout between Kyle Kingsbury and Jimy Manuwa. Featherweights Andy Ogle and Akira Corassani will meet on Facebook. Also scheduled is a middleweight fight between Tom Watson and Brad Tavares. Rounding out the card is a catchweight fight between DaMarques Johnson and Gunnar Nelson and a featherweight bout between Jason Young and Robbie Peralta

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

Robbie Peralta vs. Jason Young - Round 1 - Young with a leg kick, Peralta digs hard to the body and now lands a huge punch and Young is down and out after a few follow up hammerfists. It was a sweeping right hand that dropped him and then a series of rights on the ground that actually put him to sleep. Robbie Peralta wins by KO (punches), round 1.

DaMarques Johnson vs. Gunnar Nelson - Round 1 - Nelson with a high kick that doesn't quite land. Nelson swarms and gets inside, He gets a takedown into the half guard of Johnson. Johnson runs the cage with his feet to try for an omoplata. Of course, that doesn't get the finish and Nelson is now on top in side control and now to full mount. Johnson gives up his back. Johnson fighting the rear naked, Nelson has a body triangle now. Nelson now gets the choke locked in and there's the tap. Gunnar Nelson wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Tom Watson vs. Brad Tavares - Round 1 - They come out exchanging hard and it looks like Tavares is getting the better of it early. Watson with a solid kick. Hard low blow during an exchange and Tavares is going to need some time to recover. Tavares with a jab and now a hard right. Good body kick from Tavares, he looks crisp. Watson comes back with a good two punch combo and now he lands a good left. Watson pushing him into the cage. Knee to the body by Tavares. Right hand and now a jab by Tavares. Hard jab by Tavares and now a takedown. Tavares with an elbow as they get to the feet and Watson lands another low blow. Jab by Tavares as they restart and now a big jumping knee. Almost has a takedown but Watson grabs the cage. 10-9 Tavares

Round 2 - Jab by Tavares. Right hand by Tavares and another jab. Now Watson with a right in the clinch. Tavares just tagging him with the jab though. Two punches and a low kick rom Tavares. Watson trying to swarm him. Hard right by Tavares. Watson starting to land a bit now with jabs and low kicks. Tavares with the jab. Watson with a jab. Tavares with a takedown and he has the mount, now to the back. He's looking for the choke but he's a bit on the side. He gives up on the choke, goes for it again but can't get it. 10-9 Tavares.

Round 3 - Watson throwing some hard leg kicks but eats a hard jab. Watson tries to get inside and eats a very big right hand. Tavares with a takedown and Watson gets to his feet in the scramble. Now Tavares with another double leg. He gets a little work in before Watson stands up and needs some tape cut off his glove. Jab by Tavares again. Hard body kick by Tavares. Tavares was going for a takedown and Watson almost caught him with a guillotine. Tavares tries for a guillotine but can't get it. Uppercut from Watson, Tavares with a few of his own. Knee by Watson. Tavares with a takedown. They're up and Watson lands a hard shot and Tavare tries to fire back. 10-9 Tavares for me but the closest round of the fight. Still pretty clearly a Tavares win in my eyes.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 Tavares, 29-28 Watson, 29-28 Tavares. Brad Tavares wins by split decision.

Andy Ogle vs. Akira Corassani - Round 1 - Leg kick by Akira. Akira with a good right hand now. Body kick by Akira and Ogle comes up a little short with a counter. Few right hands by Akira and then one to the body. Big left for Ogle and that one stunned Akira who is now on his back with Ogle on top. Akira slides to the cage and wall walks to his feet. Big right by Akira and Ogle is rattled. Combo from Akira and now a right hand. Another right hand. 10-9 Akira.

Round 2 - A few leg kicks by Akira, one in return from Ogle. Spinning kick rom Akira misses. Much less effective offense from both men this round. Ogle shoots, it's stuffed and Akira hits him to the body. Akira had a nice combination. Ogle with a takedown now and Akira slides back to the cage. Ogle looking for a guillotine, can't finish but does flurry a bit landing some hard shots. Akira knocks him down with a punch after the horn sounded. 10-9 Ogle I suppose.

Round 3 - Akira stalking and he's landing a few punches. Ogle with a horrible takedown attempt, Akira moves to the side and kicks him in the head. Ogle trying to get a takedown after getting kicked and he does manage. My facebook stream is getting really choppy now. Akira had tried to get the takedown of his own by Ogle has been hitting him in the side of the head with punches and elbows to the final bell. Looks like Ogle took that round and should take the fight.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Akira, 30-27 Ogle, 29-28 Akira. Akira Corassani wins by split decision.

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Jimy Manuwa - Round 1 - Kingsbury with a takedown after a wild Manuwa strike and he's on top now looking to lock in some sort of choke. Not much happening but Kingsbury is staying on top. Kingsbury actually locking up a d'arce now. Manuwa escapes though. Now Manuwa stuffs a takedown and throws a hard knee to the body. Good left hand by Manuwa. Manuwa is throwing absolute heaters here. Big right hand and Kingsbury is down but alert and trying to defend. Manuwa tells him to stand and then lands a jumping knee. Head kick by Manuwa. Big knee by Manuwa and Kingsbury is just covering up taking shots. Hard jab and a flying knee. Big right hand now. 10-8 Manuwa

Round 2 - Corner is going to send him back out there for no reason. Kingsbury's face is a mess, he was absolutely brutalized in round 1. Manuwa with a right hand and Kingsbury with a takedown. Kingsbury with an elbow. Manuwa gets up. Kingsbury pushing him into the cage. Kingsbury throwing knees to the body and legs but they get to distance. Right hand by Manuwa. Knees to the head by Manuwa. Another big knee and two more to the face. Kingsbury looks for the takedown but instead almost gets caught in a choke. Back to standing. Huge left by Manuwa. Big right by Manuwa. Takedown by Kingsbury. Kingsbury to side control. 10-9 Manuwa, I know no one will agree but all Kingsbury did was get takedowns while Manuwa hit him really hard in the face.

There will be no round three as the doctor has stopped the fight as Kingsbury's eye was completely shut. Jimy Manuwa wins by TKO (doctor stoppage), 5:00 round 3.

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