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UFC: Shane Carwin doesn't respect Roy Nelson, feels he's a backstabber

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UFC heavyweight and TUF coach, Shane Carwin discusses his recent knee injury and his dislike for opposing coach, Roy Nelson

Denis Poroy - Getty Images

Once again, the injury bug has struck another fighter in the UFC, and this time it's a knee injury for heavyweight, Shane Carwin. The good news, is that it's not going to prevent him from meeting Roy Nelson in the octagon in mid December. The season 16 TUF coach tweeted early yesterday about the injury, but his manager, Jason Genet, assured fans via MMA Weekly that it wasn't that serious. With some rest and rehab, he says he should be good to go. TapouT Radio was able to catch up with Carwin to get the scoop on the extent of the injury, and to get some preliminary (but no spoilers) thoughts on this season of TUF, and his coaching opposition.

Knee Injury

I saw the doctor last week and got an MRI. It happened during wrestling. A guy was in on a single and I went to throw my hips back and I heard 'pop! pop! pop!', so we stopped and he had to help me up. It's down in size now. It was about the size of a watermelon, but now it's the size of a cantaloupe. The good news is the doctor doesn't think I need to have surgery, and we're still going to push to stay in that fight on December 15th, and I think we'll be good to go.

Sports Media

Sometimes I feel like the media is condescending. Things have definitely changed and evolved. Back in the day, in the NFL and NBA, commentators asked normal questions about the game, and things like that, but now it seems like crazy stuff to me. People will rip on an athlete, take Tim Tebow, for example. The guy has accomplished more than he ever should have. He has that drive and determination, but people continually rip on him. What's he do? He finds ways to win games. To me, they should be focusing more on that. I don't know, maybe I'm just a sensitive jock [laughs].

Roy Nelson

I don't respect that guy. I don't like him. I just think he's disrespectful. He'll talk all kinds of sh*t behind your back and stuff, but then when he's at my face, all he wanted to do was talk about the UFC contracts to me. I'm like, 'Who are you, man? Get out of my face.' I'm just not up for that type of bullsh*t. I hate people that when you turn around, they're stabbing you in the back, and when you're back at their face, they're trying to be your best friend. That doesn't work for me. There's nobody else I want to fight more. I can't wait to fight this guy. I'm excited that he'll be the first guy I get to punch when I get back to action.

Listen, Roy is a talented fighter. Could he be a lot better? I think he could if he would actually be serious about it, and have coaches he would listen to, and things like that. I'm pretty sure he's uncoachable. He just likes to hear himself talk and tell everybody how great he is.

The Ultimate Fighter

He's telling everybody, 'Just do enough to win', and I was telling my guys, 'If you go out there and perform for these guys, and put on exciting fights, win or lose, they're probably gonna bring you back.' There's a bunch of guys that are like that. My view is to go out and give it your all for the sport that you love, and his was to just do enough to win, so you can get that six figure contract.

Chael Sonnen

He's really not like his persona. I knew him before he started talking like that. He's actually a super respectful and nice guy. He's just figured out that he can make money from his gift. He's got that gift of gab. Everybody else sees what he's been able to do and thinks, 'Well, I'm gonna go out and try to do that, too', and it never comes out as good as he pulls it off. If I tried that, I would sound like an idiot [laughs].

You can follow Shane via his Twitter, @ShaneCarwin