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GIFathon: Getting to know Vinny Magalhães

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Get to know UFC's Vinny Magalhães in another edition of Zombie Prophet's GIFathon.

Ladies & Gentlemen let me introduce you to Vinny Magalhães. Many may already know him from his TUF 8 showing and short UFC run, some may not. Lots has changed since then for the 6 ft 3 in Light Heavyweight. Vinny has gone on an impressive 8-1 run since TUF. Not only has he also won a few ADCC medals in the process but also became M-1 Challenge's Light Heavyweight Champion. Now with his successful return to the UFC against Igor Pokrajac, the sky's the limit for the Royler Gracie Black belt.

Gather around while we enjoy another edition of GIFathon.....

Vinny Magalhaes VS Chris Weidman (ADCC 2009 Absolute)


Mike Nickels vs. Vinny Magalhaes (Ring Of Fire 36 )


Vinny Magalhaes vs. Alihan Magomedov (M-1 Challenge XXII Narkun vs Vasilevsky)


Vinny Magalhaes vs Robert Scott (MMA Xplosion)


Vinny Magalhaes vs Jake Doerr (M-1 Global Challenge XXIV)


Vinny Magalhaes vs Viktor Nemkov (M-1 Challenge XXV Zavurov vs. Enomoto)


Vinny Magalhaes vs Marcus Buchecha Almeida (The Ultimate Absolute NYC)


Vinny Magalhaes vs Daniel Gracie (The Ultimate Absolute NYC)


Vinny Magalhaes vs Mikhail Zayats (M-1 Challenge 27)