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Anderson Silva says Chael Sonnen has 'learned his lesson'

After his UFC 148 win over Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva invited opponent Chael Sonnen over for a barbecue. Did he show?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has one real nemesis in the UFC - Chael Sonnen. He's defeated him twice now, but other than Rich Franklin, Chael's the opponent most people are likely going to remember when it comes to Silva's title reign (for now at least). After his UFC 148 win Silva famously forgave Sonnen for his anti-Brazil rhetoric, and even invited him to a barbecue. It appears that said barbecue went down last weekend, but The Gangster from West Linn wasn't able to attend according to the champ. Either way though, Silva made it clear in an interview with Tatame that he thinks Sonnen understands the errors of his ways (translation via Opposing News):

"The barbecue at the house happened, but unfortunately he did not come."

"It was a satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment. Brazil was placed where it really should be. Other athletes who are supposedly thinking about speaking ill of Brazilians and our culture, our people, will think twice. I think Chael has learned his lesson."

I'm pretty sure UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Sonnen's new target, doesn't agree. Still though, it's hard to deny that Sonnen has talked his place into a higher position in the company than he'd be at otherwise, considering he's just 6-5 in the UFC. He might even end up with the next light heavyweight title shot, if fans want to see it. Sonnen has definitely learned a lesson - it's not the one Silva's referring to, but it's a lesson nonetheless.