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First Wheelchair MMA Fights To Take Place in UK

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It seems that a UK promotion has combined with a group called Wheeled Warriors to put on the first wheelchair MMA fights in the world. I'm not sure how it will all work, but the concept is pretty interesting. Here's what the deal is (via Fighters Only):

"The Wheeled Warriors group and the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships have joined forces to put on a series of bouts with fighters in wheelchairs and also amputees under MMA rules. It will take place later this year in South Yorkshire."

They will use specially-made wheelchairs that can be used for all sorts of sports from basketball to off-road activities. Here's some info about Wheeled Warriors:

Wheeled Warriors is the brainchild of Colin Wood who is determined that disabled people enjoy the chance to fight in MMA and boxing alongside able-bodied sportsmen and women. His dream is to see both MMA and boxing accepted into the Paralympics.

It's definitely unique. I hope everyone associated with it is able to turn it into a successful endeavor.