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Pat Miletich Says Tim Sylvia Is The Poster Child For Over-Achievement

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<em>Tim Sylvia Photo By <a href="" target="new">Anton Tabuena</a></em>
Tim Sylvia Photo By Anton Tabuena

After the unfortunate conclusion of Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski IV, we will now be treated to a fifth match between the two heavyweights, according to their post fight comments at this weekend's ONE FC 5 card. The rule on soccer kicks to a downed opponent is dependent on a referee making an "open to action" call before the fighter is allowed to initiate a soccer kick. While the allowance of soccer kicks is an exciting concept in theory, the conditional rule attached to it leaves plenty of room for error. Waiting for the ref's call gives the downed opponent an advantage, in that it creates a crucial window that allows for momentary recovery. In any event, the fight ended in a No Contest, due to Arlovski not waiting for the ref to make the appropriate call for the kicks. Now, we get a fifth installment for these two heavies that can never seem to get enough of each other.

Earlier this week, we conducted a great interview with MMA legend, Pat Miletich, who talked about some of the rich history of the Miletich gym. When the subject of Tim Sylvia came up, Pat was very complimentary of his achievements and determination to overcome any training hurdles he encountered. I thought that today would be a great opportunity to share Pat's comments with our readers.

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I'll tell you what, of all guys on the planet who were not physically gifted by God...that guy was great. When Tim was training with us, when he moved out from Maine, I would watch him try to jump rope, and he'd literally almost break down in tears because he couldn't do it. I'd look at Hughes and Pulver and those guys and say, 'I just don't have the heart to tell this guy to go back to Maine. He's trying so damned hard.' He stuck with it, and ended up winning the heavyweight world title. I would say that Tim is the poster child for over-achievement. If there's anybody out there that doubts themselves, take a look at the belief that Tim Sylvia had in himself. He won a world title, and that's pretty impressive.

You can follow Pat via his Twitter account, @PatMiletich