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London 2012: Greco-Roman Metal Round Video Highlights 60, 66, 84, 96, and 120kg Weight Classes


Yesterday saw the end of Greco-Roman wrestling competition at the 2012 Olympic Games. While the action may have been sparse in the competition, there were some notable high points.

No! Don't say that the high point is that the Greco is over. The medal matches had some exciting moments, and we have the gifs from Zombie Prophet to prove it. All this, in combination with Mike Riordan's insightful and witty commentary, make this Greco-Roman wrestling highlight post a can't miss

So here we go, one last look at the good times brought to us by the last two days of the Olympic Greco-Roman tournament

After the jump a massive number of sweet Greco-Roman wrestling gifs from the 2012 Olympic games in London.

60kg Bronze Medal Match 1: Almat Kebispayev, Kazakhstan vs. Ryutaro Matsumoto, Japan


Here we have the Kazak establishing the chest lock for a turn; when Matsumoto attempts to peek out, the Kazak whips him the other way for exposure.


Matsumoto get all nasty, locks up a bear hug against his head, which is in the Kazak's chest, and twists him to his back for a rare fall. Match over.

60kg Bronze Medal Match 2: Zaur Kuramagomedov, Russia vs. Hasan Aliyev, Aliyev



Zaur participates in the same pattern exhibited by seemingly all the Russian wrestlers at these games. Stall until the ordered hold, get the turn on top, and resist the turn on bottom. Incredibly effective, the loser is the audience and the sport.

60kg Gold Medal Match: Revaz Lashkhi, Georgia vs Omid Noroozi, Iran


I like this gif because after Noroozi wins gold, he displays his awesome throwing ability on his coach. The throw is instant, powerful, and perfect. All of these guys have this capability, but you never see it in a match. This is maddening. Imagine this sport if just a fraction of these wrestlers' throwing ability was harnessed.

66kg Bronze Medal Match 1: Frank Staebler, Germany vs. Manuchar Tskhadaia, Georgia


This won the bronze for the Georgian. He lifts Staebler off the mat and throws him, earning an offensive point. This is Greco, one offensive point is all you need for a medal.


The act of jumping up and attempting a snap down is the ultimate desperation move of Greco wrestling. He is merely trying to achieve a front headlock, not attempting a flying squirrel.

66kg Bronze Medal Match 2: Pedro Mulens, Cuba vs. Steeve Guenot, France


Hard to tell exactly why Mulens drops on his butt here. I theorize that he was already in a desperate situation, attempts a peek out from a front headlock, only to have Guenot drive into him.


Once more, the out of bounds throw from the ordered throw, more on this later.

66kg Gold Medal Match: Tamas Lorincz, Hungary vs. Hyeonwoo Kim, Korea


This toss is kind of weak, but had they not called the lift and throw, they probably would have awarded Kim two points for the foul as you can see Lorincz grab the leg.


Good to see Korea going strong and winning golds in Greco, I wonder if we will see them turn their freestyle program back around.

84kg Bronze Medal Match 1: Danyal Gajiyev, Kazakhstan vs. Vladimer Gegeshidze, Georgia


84kg Gold Medal Match: Karam Gaber, Egypt vs. Alan Khugaev, Russia


I want to address the same thing in both the above gifs. This is something that happens time and time again, it is gaming the rules and I don't like it. Technically it is worth a point. The wrestler on top in par terre lifts and throws, and should score. What is annoying is that he purposely carries his opponent to the edge of the mat so his throw will stop the match when the throwee lands out of bounds, The problem is that these are sloppy throws that would result in the thrower being trapped on his back were the toss to land in bounds. It's pretty lame, and it's ubiquitous in the sport now.

96kg Bronze Medal Match Jimmy Lidberg (SWE) vs Tsimafei Dzeinichenka (BLR)


Jimmy Lidberg doesn't do much, but here he hits something pretty nifty. He lifts for the gut wrench, and while it appears he should roll left in the turn, he goes right. It is a clever piece of misdirection and gives him the two points he needs to win. He gets sloppy with the throw and lets the Bulgarian back into it. The win is secured by countering the gut wrench, ending up on top and getting the back points as time expires.

96kg Gold Medal Match: Ghasem Gholamreza Rezaei, Iran vs. Rustam Totrov, Russia


Reza saved his best for last and even though he losses control of Totrov here, he has the piece of mind to follow through and push Totrov out of bounds for the winning point.


This is a twist on what happened to Noroozi, above. This time the coach is doing the throwing, and man is that belly to belly sweeeet.

120kg Bronze Medal Match 1: Ioseb Chugoshvili, Belarus vs. Johan Euren, Sweden


This conversation will play out on day in Sweden with a young boy and his father (translated to English)

Boy: "Papa, I really dream of winning an Olympic medal one day, but I'm only good at doing nothing. I am kind of big though not particularly athletic. Can my dream come true?

Father: "Well all you have to do is think of Uncle Johan. He got a Bronze at heavyweight in Greco wrestling in the London games, all he had to do was stand there and lay on his belly. I mean, he didn't do shit."

120kg Bronze Medal Match 2: Guram Pherselidze vs. Riza Kayaalp, Turkey


This sport has fallen far when the highlight is a push out. It is like sumo, minus the fun. Nice job, Riza.

120kg Gold Medal Match: Mijain Lopez, Cuba vs. Heiki Nabi, Estonia



Mijain is the most dominant athlete in his sport in maybe the entire world. He was throwing opponents around in fantastic ways all day. But when it is time for the gold medal match, you know, the match people pay attention to, he does nothing, except for the pictured gut wrench.

But dang, he sure is intimidating.

Thank you Zombie Prophet for providing the awesome gifs. Tomorrow: the conclusion of women's wrestling.

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