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UFC President Dana White Says TRT Is 'Great' One Month After Calling It 'Junk' Needed Due To Prior Abuse

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Fox Sports 'MMA Intensity' caught up with UFC President Dana White to talk about the number of fighter injuries and testosterone replacement.

Here's the video:

On Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

Here's the thing about TRT. It's absolutely 100% legal. As sports medicine continues to advance, this is one of those things where every guy's testosterone level starts to drop as they get older and this is basically sports science now where they can bring it back up to a normal level. And I think it's great, it's absolutely fair, it's legal. The problem is, there are guys who say if this much is good THIS MUCh must be great, so you have guys who are always trying to do more than they're supposed to do. The big job is policing it, making sure that it's not being abused, that guys are using it the way it's supposed to be used.

I think that the "it's legal" argument misses the larger problem that people have with TRT. It's not the legality, it's exactly what Dana says. As you get older, your levels drop. TRT allows you to change that "natural" process, so people who want natural competition see issues with something purely unnatural. Of course it is legal, it's that many people don't think it should be.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy also isn't really supposed to be "sports science." It's a therapy for men (not "just athletes") who have legitimate, unnatural testosterone deficiencies. Something that experts say affect an incredibly low percentage of the population but seems to affect a good chunk of the UFC roster. So the anti-TRT camp sees a fight against natural body processes and seems to be needed a little too much by the hyper-athletes of the UFC.

We're also only a month removed from Dana saying: me, the bottom line is you don't need that junk. If you don't abuse stuff younger in your career, you'll never need to use that junk."

He then said that if it were up to him he'd make TRT illegal if it were up to him.

So, which is it? Is it "great" or is it "junk" that would be illegal in a perfect world?