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UFC Says Junior Dos Santos' Next Opponent Still TBD, Alistair Overeem Over Cain Velasquez Seems A Possibility

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Junior dos Santos' next opponent has been Cain Velasquez ever since Velasquez demolished Antonio Silva, for all we'd ever been told. But tonight, a bit of a shift in the plan seems to be taking place with some suggestion that JDS might be fighting Alistair Overeem instead.

First, this started floating around:

And that was later expanded on by Brett Okomoto of ESPN:

ESPN confirms with @lorenzofertitta JDS is scheduled for Dec. 29 in Las Vegas but opponent TBD.
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So, it looks like they're leaving the door open to book Overeem into the title shot despite currently without a fight license and unable to apply until mid to late December...the month of the JDS fight. That would be a very risky move, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission's pathetic behavior at Overeem's license hearing certainly suggests they wouldn't make too big of a deal of it.